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Proctor Office

Dr. Tariqul Islam

Proctor (Acting)
Proctor Office

Sylhet Agricultural University
Sylhet-3100, Bangladesh
Mobile :+88 01760847424
Email: tariqul.acee@sau.ac.bd
Email (Alt): tariq.bau@gmail.com

The university has a well-developed Proctorial body consisting of Proctor and four Assistant Proctors who are responsible for overseeing the students’ discipline out of university buildings, halls and research areas. The team also performs other duties assigned by the Vice- Chancellor regarding discipline of the students. Dr. Md. Tawheed Hasan is the present Proctor of the University.

1. The following shall be the main duties and Power of the Proctor and Proctorial Body:

i) No meetings, parties, procession or receptions can be held on the university premises without the prior permission of the Proctor. Proctorial body is highly concerned about drug, terrorism, rumor spreading and any kind hireling activities among the beloved students.

ii)The Proctor shall have power to impose on a student a fine upto Tk. 15,00 (Fifteen Hundred) at a time for a breach of discipline or misconduct in the University outside the Halls. If he is of opinion that a fine of Tk. 1500 is not sufficient he shall have power to giving a report to the Vice-Chancellor to take hard action.

iii) He shall have power to suggest the appropriate authority to expel a student from the University for a period of six months or one semester.

iv)The Assistant Proctor shall have power to impose on a student a fine upto Tk. 750 (Seven Hundred Fifty Taka) at a time for a breach of discipline or misconduct in the University outside the Halls and report their action to the Proctor and to the corresponding Halls Provosts.

Proctor and assistant proctors are active 24/7 in 365 days and act as safeguard of students. In any kind of external influence or threats, proctors handle the situations in favour of the students in co-operation with different law enforcing agencies.

Each member of the proctorial body believes in Professor Dr. Mohammad Shamsuzzoha immortal phrase “BULLET SHOULD PIERCE MY BODY BEFORE HITTING MY STUDENTS”.




Mr. Aminur Rashid

BSc Fisheries (Hons.); MS in Aquaculture (SAU); MSc in Aquaculture (Ghent, Belgium)

Asst. Proctor

SAU, Sylhet

+88 01627070544



Md. Rafat-Al-Foysal

MS in Agronomy, B. Sc. Ag.(Hons.)

Asst. Proctor

SAU, Sylhet

+88 01718229355



Ms. Shermin Aktar

B.Sc.Agril. Engg.(BAU),MS in FPM (BAU)

Asst. Proctor

SAU, Sylhet

+88 01631730550



Mr. Jaher Ahmed

MSc in MEDfOR (Mediterranean forestry and natural resources management), MSc in Entomology, BSc in Agriculture (Honours)

Asst. Proctor

SAU, Sylhet

+88 01768385551



Md. Razaul Hasan

B. Sc. Ag. (Hons), M. S. in Agronomy (SAU)

Assistant Director

SAU, Sylhet

+88 01738573680


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