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Faculty Agricultural Engineering and Technology Computer Science and Engineering Faculty Members Dr. Hira Lal Gope

Dr. Hira Lal Gope

Associate Professor

Ph.D. (Gifu University, Japan), MS and B.Sc. (University of Chittagong, BD)

Research interests: Machine Learning, Image Processing, Deep Learning, and Data Mining


Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering


Dr. Gope received a B.Sc. (Honors) and M.S. in Engineering (Thesis) in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Chittagong, Chittagong-4331, Bangladesh in 2012 and 2017 respectively. He completed his Ph.D. in Engineering from Gifu University, Japan on September 2022. He started his career in the teaching and research profession as a faculty member at the Sylhet Agricultural University, Sylhet-3100, Bangladesh on 01 January 2013. He has authored and co-authored 13 journals in the area of deep learning, machine learning, neural networks, image processing, and computer vision. His paper titled “Normal and Peaberry Coffee Beans Classification from Green Coffee Bean Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks and Support Vector Machine” has been awarded the “Best Paper Award” by the program committee as per the conference awards scheme (July 16-17, 2020, Bali, Indonesia). Dr. Gope is involved in various projects. Recently he has developed an android application titled- "Development of an android application of SAU in Bangladesh". His main area of research interest is deep learning, machine learning, neural networks, image processing, computer vision, and data mining. Dr. Gope is an associate member of the Bangladesh Computer Society (BCS).