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Department of Surgery and Theriogenology


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Faculty Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences Surgery and Theriogenology Faculty Members Dr. Nasrin Sultana Lucky

Dr. Nasrin Sultana Lucky


DVM, MS in Surgery, PhD, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, Bangladesh


Dept. of Surgery and Theriogenology

Undergraduate Courses

  • Clinical Medicine and Practices
  • General Surgery Lameness, Soundness and Radiology
  • Zoo and Laboratory animal Surgery
  • Clinical Pathology and Practices
  • Anaesthesiology and Operative Surgery
  • Aquatic Animal Surgery and Anaesthesia
  • Anaesthetic Practices
  • Clinical Surgery and Practices
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Zoo and Laboratory animal Anaesthesilogy

Masters Courses

  • General Surgical Sciences
  • Operation Theatre & Intensive Care Techniques
  • Neuro Surgery
  • Clinical Management of Lameness in Animals
  • Radiology
  • Clinical Practice of small Animal Surgery
  • Transplantation Techniques
  • Urology
  • Anaesthetic Practices
  • Cardiovascular Surgery
  • Experimental Surgery
  • Large Animal Surgery
  • Clinical Surgery
  • Fluid Therapy & Blood Transfusion
  • Anaesthesiology
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Soundness and Shoeing
  • Ophthalmic Surgery
  • Lameness in Animal
  • Zoo and Laboratory Animal Anaesthesia
  • Clinical Practice of Fluid Therapy & Blood Transfusion
  • Small Animal Surgery
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Gastrointestinal Surgery

PhD Courses

  • Morphometrical and immunohistochemical studies of the oviduct of laying hen
  • Audit courses of Histochemistry (VAH-514)
  • Audit courses of Avian Anatomy (VAH-511)