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Faculty Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences Surgery and Theriogenology Faculty Members Dr. Mohammad Atikuzzaman

Dr. Mohammad Atikuzzaman


Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, MSc, PhD


Dept. of Surgery and Theriogenology

Publication Profile

  • Das A, Uddin AM, Uddin MB, Rahman ANMA, Hossain MK, Atikuzzaman M. Seminal plasma contains TGF-β and CXCL10 but sperm washing before cryopreservation is beneficial for post-thawing sperm motility in Black Bengal goats (Capra hircus) [published online ahead of print, 2020 Jul 13]. Am J Reprod Immunol. 2020;e13301. doi:10.1111/aji.13301
  • AHM Musleh Uddin, M Atikuzzaman, Md Siddiqul Islam, M Kawser Hossain. Postpartum Cyclicity of Holstein-Friesian Crossbred Cows Shows Relation with Serum Biochemical Profiles during 45-60 Days Postpartum. Pakistan Veterinary Journal 2019; 40(2), 257-260
  • Manuel Alvarez-Rodriguez, Mohammad Atikuzzaman, Heli Venhoranta, Dominic Wright, Heriberto Rodriguez-Martinez. Expression of Immune Regulatory Genes in the Porcine Internal Genital Tract Is Differentially Triggered by Spermatozoa and Seminal Plasma. International journal of molecular sciences 2019; 20 (3), 513
  • Mohammad Atikuzzaman, Manuel Alvarez-Rodriguez, Alejandro Vicente-Carrillo, Martin Johnsson, Dominic Wright, Heriberto Rodriguez-Martinez. Conserved gene expression in sperm reservoirs between birds and mammals in response to mating. BMC genomics 2017; 18 (1), 98
  • MMR Howlader, MMI Hasan, M Atikuzzaman, S Paul, S Begum. Impact of dietary restriction on follicular waves in cattle with particular reference to anoestrus. Bangladesh Journal of Veterinary Medicine 2017; 15 (1), 27-32
  • Mohammad Atikuzzaman, Libia Sanz, Davinia Pla, Manuel Alvarez-Rodriguez, Marie Rubér, Dominic Wright, Juan J Calvete, Heriberto Rodriguez-Martinez. Selection for higher fertility reflects in the seminal fluid proteome of modern domestic chicken. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part D: Genomics and Proteomics 2017; 21, 27-40
  • Heriberto Rodriguez-Martinez, P Tienthai, Mohammad Atikuzzaman, Alejandro Vicente-Carrillo, Marie Rubér, Manuel Alvarez-Rodriguez. The ubiquitous hyaluronan: Functionally implicated in the oviduct? Theriogenology 2016; 86 (1), 182-186
  • Mohammad Atikuzzaman, Ratnesh Mehta Bhai, Jesper Fogelholm, Dominic Wright, Heriberto Rodriguez-Martinez. Mating induces the expression of immune-and pH-regulatory genes in the utero-vaginal junction containing mucosal sperm-storage tubuli of hens. Reproduction 2015; 150 (6), 473-483
  • Jordi Roca and Heriberto Rodriguez-Martinez Isabel Barranco, Marie Rubér, Cristina Perez-Patiño, Mohammad Atikuzzaman, Emilio A. Martinez. The Seminal Plasma of the Boar is Rich in Cytokines, with Significant Individual and Intra-Ejaculate Variation. American Journal of Reproductive Immunology 2015; 74(6):523-32
  • Isabel Barranco, Jordi Roca, Asta Tvarijonaviciute, Marie Rubér, Alejandro Vicente‐Carrillo, Mohammad Atikuzzaman, Jose J Ceron, Emilio A Martinez, Heriberto Rodriguez‐Martinez. Measurement of activity and concentration of paraoxonase 1 (PON‐1) in seminal plasma and identification of PON‐2 in the sperm of boar ejaculates. Molecular reproduction and development 2015; 82 (1), 58-65
  • Su Jin Kim, Ok Jae Koo, Dae Kee Kwon, Jung Taek Kang, Sol Ji Park, Ma Ninia Gomez, Mohammad Atikuzzaman, Goo Jang, Byeong-Chun Lee. Replacement of glutamine with the dipeptide derivative alanyl-glutamine enhances in vitro maturation of porcine oocytes and development of embryos. Zygote 2014; 22 (2), 286-289
  • Ma Ninia L Gomez, Jung Taek Kang, Ok Jae Koo, Su Jin Kim, Dae Kee Kwon, Sol Ji Park, Mohammad Atikuzzaman, So Gun Hong, Goo Jang, Byeong Chun Lee. Effect of oocyte-secreted factors on porcine in vitro maturation, cumulus expansion and developmental competence of parthenotes. Zygote 2012; 20 (2), 135-145
  • Jung-Taek Kang, Mohammad Atikuzzaman, Dae-Kee Kwon, Sol-Ji Park, Su-Jin Kim, Joon-Ho Moon, Ok-Jae Koo, Goo Jang, Byeong-Chun Lee. Developmental competence of porcine oocytes after in vitro maturation and in vitro culture under different oxygen concentrations. Zygote 2012; 20 (1), 1-8
  • Dae Kee Kwon, Jung Taek Kang, Sol Ji Park, Ma Ninia Limas Gomez, Su Jin Kim, Mohammad Atikuzzaman, Ok Jae Koo, Goo Jang, Byeong Chun Lee. Blastocysts derived from adult fibroblasts of a rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta) using interspecies somatic cell nuclear transfer. Zygote 2011; 19 (3), 199-204
  • Mohammad Atikuzzaman, Ok Jae Koo, Jung Taek Kang, Dae Kee Kwon, Sol Ji Park, Su Jin Kim, Ma Ninia Limas Gomez, Hyun Ju Oh, So Gun Hong, Goo Jang, Byeong-Chun Lee. The 9-cis retinoic acid signaling pathway and its regulation of prostaglandin-endoperoxide synthase 2 during in vitro maturation of pig cumulus cell-oocyte complexes and effects on parthenogenetic embryo production. Biology of reproduction 2011; 84 (6), 1272-1281
  • Sol Ji Park, Ok Jae Koo, Dae Kee Kwon, Ma Ninia Limas Gomez, Jung Taek Kang, Mohammad Atikuzzaman, Su Jin Kim, Goo Jang, Byeong Chun Lee. Short-term treatment with 6-DMAP and demecolcine improves developmental competence of electrically or Thi/DTT-activated porcine parthenogenetic embryos. Zygote 2011; 19 (1), 1-8
  • MB Uddin, Alam Nur, Atikuzzaman Mohammad, MM Hossain. Status of infectious bursal disease in broilers. Eurasian Journal of Veterinary Sciences 2011; 27 (4), 223-226
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Citation indices

  • GoogleScholar citation indices: Citations: 170; h-index: 9; i10-index: 10

Conference Proceedings

  • M Atikuzzaman, A Höglund, M Johnsson, M Alvarez-Rodriguez, R Mehta, D Wright, H Rodriguez-Martinez. Spermatozoa rather than seminal fluid drives immune-modulation in the sperm storage tubuli of Red Jungle Fowl hens Reproduction in Domestic Animals 2015; 50, P8
  • I Barranco, J Roca, M Ruber, M Atikuzzaman, C Perez-Patiño, E Martinez, H Rodriguez-Martinez. Cytokines in boar seminal plasma. Reproduction in Domestic Animals 2014; 49, P63
  • M Atikuzzaman, D Wright, R Bhai, H Rodriguez-Martinez. Immune modulatory and pH regulatory gene shift in sperm storage tubules of mated hens. Reproduction in Domestic Animals 2014; 49, P14
  • SJ Kim, OJ Koo, SJ Park, JH Moon, DK Kwon, JT Kang, MN Gomez, M Atikuzzaman, BC Lee, G Jang. INDUCIBLE RED FLUORESCENT PROTEIN (RFP) EXPRESSION IN PORCINE FIBROBLASTS AND TRANSGENIC CLONED EMBRYOS USING piggyBac TRANSPOSITION. Reproduction, Fertility and Development 2010; 23(1):262-262, P332
  • Jung-Taek Kang, Mohammad Atikuzzaman, Dae-Kee Kwon, Sol-Ji Park, Su-Jin Kim, Ninia Gomez, Ok-Jae Koo, Goo Jang, Byeong-Chun Lee. Role of cumulus cells under different oxygen tension in porcine IVM. 한국발생생물학회 2010 년도 추계학술대회, 2010
  • DK Kwon, JT Kang, SJ Park, MNL Gomez, SJ Kim, M Atikuzzaman, OJ Koo, G Jang, BC Lee.65 BLASTOCYSTS DERIVED FROM ADULT FIBROBLASTS OF RHESUS MONKEY (MACACA MULATTA) USING INTERSPECIES SOMATIC CELL NUCLEAR TRANSFER. Reproduction, Fertility and Development 2009; 22(1):191-191, P65
  • J-T Kang, O-J Koo, D-K Kwon, S-J Park, M Atikuzzaman, N Gomez, G Jang, B-C Lee. 342 EFFECTS OF MELATONIN ON PREIMPLANTATION DEVELOPMENT OF PORCINE PARTHENOGENETIC EMBRYOS. Reproduction, Fertility and Development 2009; 22(1):327-328, P342
  • Ok Jae Koo, Jung Taek Kang, DaeKee Kwon, Sol Ji Park, Su Jin Kim, Mohammad Atikuzzaman, Ma. Ninia Gomez, Goo Jang, Jong Ik Hwang, Curie Ahn, Byeongchun Lee. Production of Multiple Gene Transgenic Pig for Xenotransplantation of Pancreatic Islet to Treat Type I Diabetes Mellitusin Humans. International Symposium on Developmental Biotechnology, The Korean Society of Animal Reproduction. 2009; 96-97.


  • Mohammad Atikuzzaman. Seminal Influence on the Oviduct: Mating and/or semen components induce gene expression changes in the pre-ovulatory functional sperm reservoir in poultry and pigs. Linköping University Electronic Press 2016; ISBN: 978-91-7685-704-5, ISSN: 0345-0082.