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Faculty Agriculture Soil Science Faculty Members Dr. Md. Shahadat Hossain

Dr. Md. Shahadat Hossain


B. Sc. Ag. (Hons.) (BAU); MS in Soil Science (BAU); PhD in Soil Science (BSMRAU)


Dept. of Soil Science

Peer Reviewed Selected Articles

  • Hossain, M.S, Rahman, GKMM, Saiful Alam, M, Rahman, MM, Solaiman, ARM, Baset Mia, MA. 2018. Modeling of Soil Texture and Its Verification with Related Soil Properties. Soil Research (IF=1.61), 56 (4): 421-428.
  • Hossain, M.S., Rahman, M.M., Kamal, M.Z., Rahman, and G.K.M.M. 2017. Soil quality as attributed by physicochemical property of paddy soil at a village in the subtropical climate. Bangladesh Journal of Soil Science, 39 (1): 27-34.
  • Hossain, M.I., Alam, M.S., Rahman, M.M., Afrad, M.S.I, Hossain, M.S., and Kamal, M.Z. 2017. Spatial variability of soil nutrients in a selected village of Gazipur district. Bangladesh Journal of Soil Science. 39 (1): 1-11.
  • Islam, M.D., Rahman, M.M, Kabir, M.H., Rahman, G.K.M.M and Hossain, M.S. 2016. Status and Spatial Variability of Trace elements in the low Ganges river floodplain soils of Bangladesh. Journal of Environmental Science and Natural Resources, 9 (2): 71-78.
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  • Rasel, S.M., Shiragi, M.H.K., Ahmed, M.U., Hossain, M.S. and Shamsuzzaman, S.M. 2016. Evaluation of Tetulia river water for quality irrigating in the southern belt of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Journal of Environmental Science, 31: 65-72.
  • Aziz, M.A., Hossain, M.S., Haque, M.M. and Salahuddin, K.M. 2014. Effectiveness of prilled urea and urea super granule on rice production in the Eastern Surma Kushyyara Floodplain Soils. Journal of Sylhet Agricultural University, 1(1): 35-38.
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