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Faculty Fisheries Aquatic Resource Management Faculty Members Dr. Mrityunjoy Kunda

Dr. Mrityunjoy Kunda


B.Sc. Fisheries (Hons.), M.S. in Fisheries Management, Ph.D. in Fisheries Management (BAU)


Dept. of Aquatic Resource Management


Dr. Mrityunjoy Kunda has worked nearly twenty six years in the fisheries sector in Bangladesh, including serving as a teacher, researcher, trainer and extension agent to build capacity in fish production in the country. He also provided technical support in Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal, India and Sierra Leone. Currently he serves as Professor in the Department of Aquatic Resource Management, Sylhet Agricultural University, Sylhet, Bangladesh. He is carrying out teaching, researches and also performed the duties as head of the department, provost of a students’ dormitory and Proctor. He is supervising MS and PhD students to carry out researches for their thesis. Recent past he worked as Scientist in WorldFish, Bangladesh and South Asia Office, Dhaka, Bangladesh. He was responsible to ensure good quality carp seed of selected hatcheries in Noakhali and Barisal region through improvement of broodstock and hatchery management practices and develop linkage among actors in the value chain of carp seed production and its user group. He also carried out researches on small indigenous fish species in the WorldFish. Before WorldFish he served as Fishery Extension Officer, Manager of a Fish Seed Multiplication Farm and District Fishery Officer (In-charge) of the Department of Fisheries, Bangladesh. As Manager he was responsible for operations and planning of Fish Seed Farm. This farm serves as a key component of training and extension for fish culture in the country. As District Fishery Officer he played a key role for the over-all development of Fisheries sector in the district. Early in his career, Dr. Kunda was a Fisheries Officer with the Department of Fisheries in Rajshahi, Bangladesh, where he organized and implemented open water fisheries management programs, including training and extension services. During the service tenure he has gained a substantial knowledge on data collection, data analysis and report writing, preparation of small scale fisheries project, beneficiary group formation and implementation of fish laws. Dr. Kunda also has a background in research, and has contributed extensively to the available literature on fish and prawn culture. Some of his research has focused on rice-fish culture system and its impacts on the livelihoods of rural people of Bangladesh. Forty Eight (48) of his research work published in international and national journals. Dr. Kunda presented 13 scientific papers in international and national seminar/workshop and attended another 50 national seminar/workshops. He carried out research project as principal investigator funded by International Foundation for Science (IFS), Sweden and 10 other projects getting fund from Sylhet Agricultural University, University Grants Commission, Bangladesh Fisheries Research Forum, Ministry of Science and Technology, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council and WorldFish. Dr. Kunda has a Ph.D. in Fisheries Management.