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Faculty Agricultural Economics and Business Studies Agricultural Marketing and Business Management Faculty Members Mr. Md. Mostafizur Rahman

Mr. Md. Mostafizur Rahman

Associate Professor

B.Sc. in Agricultural Economics (Honours); M.S. in Agricultural Economics (Agribusiness and Marketing)

(Study Leave)

Research interests: Experimental economics, Sustainable agriculture, Agricultural marketing,


Dept. of Agricultural Marketing and Business Management


Md. Mostafizur Rahman has been working for almost nine years in the different fields of agricultural economics in Bangladesh. At the very beginning of his professional career, he served the Bangladesh sugar-crop research Institute (BSRI) as a Scientific Officer of the Agricultural Economics division and carried out different research on marketing system, agribusiness management, price determination, subsidy utilization, etc. Since joining Sylhet Agricultural University as a faculty member in the Agricultural Marketing and Business Management department, Mr. Rahman has been performing his responsibilities by teaching, conducting research, and extending his work on agribusiness and marketing. He has conducted three research projects successfully. As a member of the institutional quality assurance team of the faculty, he has prepared the first self-assessment report (SA) and improvement plan. He has also published a book titled “Chewing Sugarcane: A Potential Agribusiness in Hill Areas of Bangladesh” and twenty (20) research in different peer-reviewed journals. As a trainer, he has participated in different training programs on agribusiness, product marketing, and enterprise development organized by the Youth Development Center, Bangladesh, and different NGOs. In addition, Mr. Rahman is an active member of the Democratic Teachers Council. He served the Teachers Council as an elected member and also served the department as a chairman.