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Faculty Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Biochemistry and Chemistry Faculty Members Dr. Mohammad Mehedi Hasan Khan

Dr. Mohammad Mehedi Hasan Khan


B.Sc. in Animal Husbandry, MS in Biochemistry (BAU), PhD in Animal Nutrition (Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)


Dept. of Biochemistry and Chemistry


Professor Dr. Mohammad Mehedi Hasan Khan was born at Bheramara, Kushtia. He completed his secondary school certificate in 1991 and got admission at Notre Dame College, Dhaka. During his college time he was actively engaged in Science club, chess club, abrity dal, nature study club etc. At Notre Dame College he got prizes in Science project, poster presentation, wall magazine presentation, essay writing competition. He was editorial member of Dhak Dhol and Chit Chat. He completed his Higher Secondary Certificate from Notre Dame College in 1993 and got admission at Bangladesh Agricultural University in Animal Husbandry. He also won prize at 1994 and 1995 in project completion at District and National level. He served as project secretary and general secretary of BAU Science club. He awarded stipend from 1999 to 2000 as a young scientist financed by Science & Technology Museum, Bangladesh.

After completion of undergraduate (1st Class 3rd) he admitted for MS in Biochemistry, where he completed a research work on Nutrient content and aflatoxin level of poultry feed used in different poultry farms of Bangladesh. He was awarded Professor Karim Memorial Trust Award for outstanding result in Post Graduate Degree from Bangladesh Agricultural University for the session 2000.

Then he joined as a feed mill manager in BRAC-Renata poultry farms limited. On 17th July, 2001 he joined as a lecturer at Chittagong Government Veterinary College, Bangladesh. On 16th April, 2003, he promoted to Assistant Professor and joined at Sylhet Government Veterinary College, Bangladesh.

In 2006 he went to Newcastle University, UK to complete his PhD. He was awarded Sir Kenneth Blaxter Scholarship and President Prize for presentation from British Society of Animal Science. He was also awarded First prize in Environment YES (Young Entrepreneurs Scheme) 2009 competition held in London, December 2009, organized by Natural Environment Research Council, UK. He completed his PhD in 2010 and came back to Bangladesh.

He was promoted to Associate Professor at the Department of Biochemistry and Chemistry, Sylhet Agricultural University (SAU) in 2012. He acted as Provost of Abdus Samad Azad Hall (SAU). He acted as a chairman of Department of Biochemistry and Chemistry for 8 years and Department of Pharmaceutical and Industrial Biotechnology from Aug 2015 to Apr 2018. He was also worked as a member of Sylhet Agricultural University Syndicate, University Finance Committee, Research Advisory Committee, Quality Assurance Cell, Planning, Development and Works Committee, Advanced study Board, Executive Committee of Faculty of Postgraduate Studies, Academic council. He also worked as a Dean of Faculty of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering since September 2016. He acted as a Vice-Chancellor (Interim) of Sylhet Agricultural University from 3rd October to 20th November, 2022.

He already published 65 scientific papers, 25 conference papers, 3 books published in national and international journal. He completed 20 research project so far funded by PIU-BARC, NATP-2, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (BARC), Dhaka, Sylhet Agricultural University Research System (SAURES), Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology. He already supervised 17 Masters students and worked as co-supervisor of 15 students. Two students completed PhD under his co-supervision and two students are now working as PhD student under his co-supervision.

His research work “Reduction of methane production in ruminants” got media attraction in whole world at 2009. His research “Floating bed fodder production” also got attraction in research area. BARC is also decided to implement the project. His research on “Fungal use to produce agarwood” is also a promising research work. In personal life he is married and his son is now studying Computer Science at Manchester University, UK.