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Department of Biochemistry and Chemistry


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Faculty Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Biochemistry and Chemistry Faculty Members Dr. Mohammad Mehedi Hasan Khan

Dr. Mohammad Mehedi Hasan Khan


B.Sc. in Animal Husbandry, MS in Biochemistry (BAU), PhD in Animal Nutrition (Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)


Dept. of Biochemistry and Chemistry

Undergraduate Courses

  • Biochemistry
  • Chemistry (Theory)
  • Metabolism and Human Nutrition
  • Chemistry (Practical)
  • Metabolism, Nutrition and Bioenergetics
  • Chemistry of Biomolecules

Masters Courses

  • Advanced chemistry of Carbohydrates and Lipids
  • Molecular Biology
  • Principles of Biochemical Techniques
  • Plant Secondary Metabolites
  • Intermediary Metabolism and its Regulation
  • Animal Biochemistry
  • Human Nutrition
  • Fish Biochemistry
  • Scientific report writing and data analysis