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Faculty Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Biochemistry and Chemistry Faculty Members Mst Rubaiat Nazneen Akhand

Mst Rubaiat Nazneen Akhand

Associate Professor

MS in Bioinformatics (2019), Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands; MS (2009) and BSc (Hons) (2008) in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (JU), Bangladesh.


Dept. of Biochemistry and Chemistry


Mst Rubaiat Nazneen Akhand was born on 12 May 1986, in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She completed her Secondary and Higher Secondary Exam from Monipur High School (2001) and BCIC College (2003), respectively. She did her BSc (Hons) (2007) and first MS (2008) in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh. In 2019 she was awarded Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP) and obtained her second MS in Bioinformatics from Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands. After completing her first MS, she joined as an Executive in the Research and Development Department at ACME Specialized Pharmaceutical Company, Bangladesh. Because of her strong passion for teaching and research, she joined Biochemistry and Chemistry Department, at Sylhet Agricultural University as a Lecturer in 2012. Just after joining, she had to play the role of Chairman (in charge). In 2015, she got the additional responsibility of Assistant Hall Provost of Shuhashini Das Hall. Mrs. Akhand has a strong interest in working on genomic and transcriptomic data, especially that of plants and microbes. She has developed expertise to perform both laboratory and computational experiments. Currently, she is serving as an Associate Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Chemistry, at Sylhet Agricultural University, Bangladesh.