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Department of Biochemistry and Chemistry


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Faculty Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Biochemistry and Chemistry Faculty Members Jamil Ahmed

Jamil Ahmed

Assistant Professor

B.Sc in Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering; MS in Biochemistry


Dept. of Biochemistry and Chemistry

Publication Profile

  • Ahmed J, Hoque N, Robin TB MJ, Mahfuz S, Sami MRS, Akter H, Bappy MN. Investigation of plant metabolites as potential inhibitors of Acinetobacter baumannii: An In-Silico approach. Informatics in Medicine Unlocked. 2023 Aug 28:101343. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.imu.2023.101343
  • Ahmed J, Raihan MM, Robin TB MJ, Mahfuz S, Sami MRS, Akter H, Hoqu N. Computational analysis of plant metabolites as potential drugs against Aspergillus fumigatus (In Press)
  • Rifat MH, Ahmed J, Ahmed M, Ahmed F, Gulshan A, Hasan M. Prediction and expression analysis of deleterious nonsynonymous SNPs of Arabidopsis ACD11 gene by combining computational algorithms and molecular docking approach. PLOS Computational Biology. 2022 Jun 16; 18(6):e1009539.
  • Ahmed M, Ahmed F, Ahmed J, Akhand MR, Azim KF, Imran MA, Hoque SF, Hasan M. In silico identification of conserved miRNAs in the genome of fibre biogenesis crop Corchorus capsularis. Heliyon. 2021 Apr 1; 7(4):e06705.
  • Ahmed J, Khan MM, Kashem MA, Ahmed SR, Jakir M. Evaluation of density metric grading of agar wood, antioxidant potentiality in agar oil and prevalence of unknown bacteria in agar wood soaking water. Journal of Advanced Biotechnology and Experimental Therapeutics. 2019; 2(2)
  • Ahmed SR, Romi IJ, Ahmed J, Hasan M, Roy R, Khan MM. Phytochemical profiling and antioxidant potentiality of medicinal plants along with their antibacterial efficacy. Journal of Advanced Biotechnology and Experimental Therapeutics. 2019; 2(3):140-5.
  • Ahmed J, Akter H, Islam MJ, Mahfuz S, Sami MRS, Bappy MNI, Talha MMH. A Comprehensive Bioinformatics Approach to Analyze Plant Metabolites as Potential Treatments of Aspergillus flavus (Under Review)

Conference Proceedings

  • MR Chowdhury, J Ahmed, MMH Khan. Dietary supplementation of green and black tea waste powder on growth performance and serum biochemical metabolites of heat-stressed broiler chicken. October 2021, British Poultry Abstracts 16(1):1-34.