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Department of Parasitology, Sylhet Agricultural University offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in Parasitology, with a focus on the study of parasites and their impact on animal and human health. The undergraduate program in Parasitology covers a range of topics related to parasitic organisms, including their biology, ecology, epidemiology, and control measures. Students in the program have the opportunity to participate in laboratory work, field studies, and research projects. At the graduate level, the Department of Parasitology offers Master's and Ph.D. program in Parasitology, with a focus on advanced topics in the field, such as molecular parasitology, immunology, and drug development. The program provides students with opportunities to conduct research in these areas and to collaborate with other researchers both within and outside of the university/country. The Department of Parasitology at Sylhet Agricultural University also engages in outreach and extension activities to raise awareness about parasitic diseases and their prevention among the public and the veterinary community.

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  • MS in Parasitology