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Emerging microbial diseases especially in domestic animal and human has become an important obstacle for sustainable development for any country. In addition, Bangladesh lacks fundamental research to derive therapeutics from microorganisms. Keeping this view in mind, Department of Microbial Biotechnology (MIB) was established in 2013, under the Faculty of Biotechnology of Genetic Engineering of Sylhet Agricultural University (SAU). The Department provides several core courses in BSc BGE (Honors) program emphasized in genetics of microbes, host pathogen interaction, emerging viral infections, microbial diagnostics, microbial pathogenesis, microbial symbiosis in soil fertility, microbial bioremediation and isolation of microbes for the production of various enzymes, proteins, therapeutics etc. The Department of MIB conducts research projects concerned with emerging pathogens and biotechnologically important microbes. Microbes are the most abundant living organisms in the world. They are not only cause diseases but also can be used as effective agents for human welfare through biotechnological application. The Department of MIB is intended to accomplish that goal. 

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  • MS in Microbial Biotechnology