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Entomology is the study of insects – the most diverse and abundant group of invertebrate organisms in the world. Insects play major roles in crop production ecosystems acting as pests, disease vectors, beneficial predators, parasitoids, pollinators, weed control agents and detritivores. Effective management of pest and beneficial insects is essential for improvement of crop production. The Department of Entomology deals with these important areas of study and research. Academic and research activities of this department were first started with the establishment of Faculty of Agriculture. Since entomology is a specialized field of study, students at this department have the unique advantage of attending classes with ample opportunity to get hands-on interactions with the teachers. The students are able to work at various locations in the Sylhet region. In undergraduate program, 03 theory courses (09 credits) and 03 practical courses (06 credits) are offered every academic year of the university. The department started offering MS in Entomology degree under course based curriculum system with comprehensive thesis research program from 2012. Students must accomplish courses and research works of 40 credits in total in three semesters to complete MS degree requirements. July-December (Semester-I) and January-June (Semester-II) are the two course semester in a year. In each course semester, at least 12 credits are needed to be completed. Each course semester includes 18 working weeks having instructions, assignments, seminars and examinations. Thesis semester (Semester-III) includes 16 credits of research works and thesis.


The Entomology Department teaching the students by offering 03 compulsory courses; Fundamentals of Entomology, Insect Ecology and Pest Management and Economic Entomology and 01 Elective course; Insect Physiology in undergraduate program. MS students studying on 12 compulsory courses; Insect Taxonomy, Insect Physiology, Insect Ecology, Pesticide Management, Insect Nutrition and Biochemistry, Insect Pest Management, Insect Pathology, Economic Entomology and 04 Elective courses out of 10 courses; Entomological Technique, Industrial Entomology, Research Methods in Entomology, Forest Entomology, Acarology, Insect Morphology, Stored Products Pests, Insecticide Toxicology, Insect Molecular Biology and Insecticide Resistance and Management.

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