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Department of Pharmaceuticals and Industrial Biotechnology initiated its journey as a promising department of the Faculty of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, Sylhet Agricultural University in 2013. Biotechnology, a technology that applies the biological process, principle or product for the betterment of mankind and it has gained immense speed in research and discovery with the advent of genetic engineering in the 1970s. Bangladesh, done immense speed up in the economy of pharmaceutical and industrial area in last few decades, is preparing to take the upcoming global challenges of pharmaceutical and medical sector and the department is focusing on that area through the implementation of biotechnology on commercial platform by continuing its academic and research programs. Pharmaceuticals and Industrial Biotechnology is the science that covers all technologies required for the production, manufacturing and registration of biological drugs and implementation of biotechnology to the industrial platform. Now-a-days advances in biotechnological approach and recombinant genetics facilitate the routine cloning of genes, discover the therapeutic agents that can be able to combat against diseases and the creation of genetically modified organisms that can be used in industrial production.

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is a rapidly evolving and multidisciplinary field. Our undergraduate courses of B.Sc (honors) in Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering and MSc degree in Pharmaceuticals and Industrial Biotechnology will focus on the new developments in the production of proteins, modification of organisms, DNA-based vaccines, therapeutic proteins, downstream processing and characterization, bioinformatics, medical informatics, advanced molecular principles, and research various methods. Our department aims to pursue application based biotechnological research and promote commercial biotechnology. Application based biotechnological research will bring benefits for society and are increasingly recognized by governments, industry and financial institutions. Our program helps to address the expanding demand from national and international markets for skilled graduates with an excellent knowledge of biotechnology.

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  • MS in Pharmaceuticals and Industrial Biotechnology