DR. Saiful Islam
DR. Saiful Islam
Assistant Professor
DVM, MS in Physiology (SAU), EUCOMOR (Belgium)

List of Publications:

1. S. Islam, M .M. R. Howlader, S. Saha and N. Bhowmik, 2014. Hemato-biochemical Changes of Layer Birds during egg production reared in Sylhet Region of Bangladesh.Int.J. Agril. Innov. Res.Vol 2, Issue 4, ISSN 2319-1473.

2. M. Aktaruzzaman, M. SD. Islam, M.N. Uddin, S.A. Belal and S. Islam, 2013. Study on Identification and Prevalence of Liver Flukes and Ectoparasites infestations in cattle. Int. J. Sustain. Agril. Tech., 9(5): 06-11.

3. N. Bhowmik, M. M. Mia, M.M. Rahman and S. Islam, 2014. Preliminary study on Productive and Reproductive Performances of Jamunapari, Black Bengal and Crossbred Goats at Chittagong region of Bangladesh. Iranian Journal of Applied Animal Science (2014) 4(1), 89-93.

4. N. Yeasmin, M.K. Hossain, A. C. Roy, M. R. Islam, S. Islam.,  M. M. Rahmanand and M. S. Alam, 2014. Factors affecting calf mortality in small scale dairy farm at Biswanath upazilla of Sylhet. Bangladesh Livestock J., 1: 19-23.

5. M. A., Hossain,  M. R., Akanda S. A. Belal., M. M. I. Iqbal, S Islam, M. N. Uddin, R. N. Akhand, M. S. Islam and A. C. Roy, 2014. Environmental Deposition of Lead (Pb) in Chickens and Litter Samples Collected from Selected Areas of Bangladesh. J Vet Adv., 4(9): 677-685.

6. M. M. Rahman, M. R. Islam, M. K. Hossain, N. S. Lucky, N. Z. Shoshe, S. Islam, M. M. Haque, 2014: Phenotypic Characterization of Indigenous Buffalo at Sylhet District. International Journal of Scientific Research in Agricultural Sciences, 2(1), pp. 0001-006. Available online at http://www.ijsrpub.com/ijsras

7. F. Akter, M. M. R. Howlader, M. K. Hossain, M. M. I. Hasan, S. Islam and S. Begum 2015. Effects of commercial layer feed supplementation on hematological and reproductive parameters of indigenous duck in rural area. Int. J. of Natural Sciences. 5(1):35-40.

8. M. M. I Hasan, S. Begum, S. Islam, M. M. Rahman, S. A. Belal, M. A. Hossain, M. R. Akanda, N. C. Pal and M. M. R. Howlader, 2015: Effects of garlic supplementation on parasitic infestation, live weight, and hematological parameters in Black Bengal goat. J. Adv. Vet. Anim. Res., 2(3): 326-331.

National Conferences:

  • Participated in 20th BSVER Annual Scientific conference 2014, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh 22-23 Ferbuary 2014.
  • Participated in 21th BSVER Annual Scientific conference 2015, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh 07-08 March 2015.
  •  Participated in 12th CVASU Annual Scientific conference 2015, Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Chittagong 25-26 April 2015.

Employment History:

Name of the Organization

Address of the Organization



Sylhet Agricultural University, Sylhet-3100, Bangladesh

Department of Physiology, Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Sylhet Agricultural University, Sylhet-3100, Bangladesh

Assistant Professor

Jan 01, 2015-Present

Sylhet Agricultural University, Sylhet-3100, Bangladesh

Department of Physiology, Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Sylhet Agricultural University, Sylhet-3100, Bangladesh


Jan 01, 2013-Dec 31, 2014


Educational Qualification:

Name of Degree


Passing Year

Class/ CGPA/ Division

MS (Thesis Group) in physiology

 Sylhet Agricultural University,  Sylhet-3100, Bangladesh




Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM),

Sylhet Agricultural University, Sylhet-3100, Bangladesh




HSC in Science

Ideal College, Dhaka, Bangladesh




SSC in Science

Bhaberchar High School, Gazaria, Munshigonj, Bangladesh





  • Advanced training on Biotechnology, National Institute of Biotechnology, Savar, Bangladesh.

  • Participate in the training on "Strengthening Pedagogical Skills of Young Teachers". Organized by sylhet Agricultural University supported by USAID- Asia Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) Program Winrock International.

  • Field Researcher in Strengthening the Dairy Value Chain in Bangladesh. CARE Bangladesh.


Technical Skills:

· UV and IR Spectrophometer

· Enzyme Assays



· Genomic DNA, Plasmid and RNA isolation

· PCR, Real Time PCR

· Different Microbiological Assays

· Electrophoresis

· Plant cell, Bacterial Cell and Cell Culture

· Restriction Enzyme Analysis

· Cycle Sequencing and Purification of Sequencing Product

· Bioinformatics