Dr. Shah Ahmed Belal
Dr. Shah Ahmed Belal
Associate Professor and Chairman
DVM, MSc, PhD (South Korea)

Dr. Shah Ahmed Belal is a native of the Bangladesh. He successfully completed Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) in 2005 (Held in 2008) and MS in Poultry Science in 2011 from the Faculty of Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences, Sylhet Agricultural University, Sylhet, Bangladesh. He received his Ph.D. in Animal Science from the Chonbuk National University, South Korea in 2018. Dr. Belal received several fellowship and awards through his academic career. He proved himself as a best player in cricket and soccer in school and college life. Dr. Belal’s research concentrate on heat stress in broiler, meat quality, fatty acids in meat, gene and proteome study, molecular biology, animal biotechnology and feed utilization in poultry. He has authored or co-authored 29 of peer-reviewed journal articles. Further, Dr. Belal contributes as a reviewer for several peer-reviewed journals including the Brazilian Journal of Poultry Science. In the graduate program, he teaches introductory poultry science, broiler and layer management, duck and specialized fowl production, and parent stock and hatchery management. He served as Assistant Provost, Abdus Samad Azad Hall, Sylhet Agricultural University in the year 2012-2014 and now serving as Assistant Proctor. Besides, he is the member of the internship implementation cell, Faculty of Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences. At present, he is working as Associate Professor and Chairman at the Department of Poultry Science, Sylhet Agricultural University.

Publication Profile:
  • Number of publications : 30
  • Peer-reviewed journal articles : 30
  • Number of proceeding papers : 4
Citation indices:
  • Number of citations : 43
  • H-index : 5
  • i10 index : 5
  • RG Score: 12.08
Peer Reviewed Selected Articles:
  • Shah Ahmed Belal, Da Rae Kang, Ho Sung Choe and Kwan Seob Shim. Freshness assessment of pork fillets during storage based on thiobarbituric acid reactive substance and freshness index (Ki value). Journal of Food Science and Technology. Under Review
  • Jang Ock Cha, Shah Ahmed Belal, Shang Jin Kim and Kwan Seob Shim. Physicochemical changes of broiler chicken meat after artificial infection with Eimeria tenella. Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences. Under Review
  • Da Rae Kang, Shah Ahmed Belal*, Eun SoRi Cho, Han Na Kang, Jong Hyun Jung, Yang Il Choi, Yong-Chul Jung, Chong-Sam Na, Ki-Duk Song, Hak-Koy Lee, Ho-Sung Choe, Kwan Seob Shim. 2019. Meat quality and chemical assessment of porcine longissimus dorsi within different muscle pH. Animal Production Science, 59(6): 1155-1160. *Equal contribution
  • Da Rae Kang, Shah Ahmed Belal, Ho Sung Choe, Dae Keun Shin and Kwan Seob Shim. 2018. Effect of Kaempferol on Cyclooxygenase 2 (Cox2) and Cytosolic Phospholipase A2 (cPLA2) Protein Expression in BALB/c Mice. Iranian Journal of Allergy Asthma Immunology, 17(5): 428-435.
  • Shah Ahmed Belal, Da Rae Kang, Eun So Ri Cho, Gang Hee Park and Kwan Seob Shim. 2018. Taurine reduces heat stress by regulating the expression of heat shock proteins in broilers exposed to chronic heat. Brazilian Journal of Poultry Science, 20(3): 479-486.
  • Shah Ahmed Belal, Allur Subramaniyan Sivakumar, Da Rae Kang, Sangbuem Cho, Ho Sung Choe and Kwan Seob Shim. 2018. Modulatory effect of linoleic and oleic acid on cell proliferation and lipid metabolism gene expressions in primary bovine satellite cells. Animal Cells and Systems, 22(5): 324-333.
  • Shah Ahmed Belal, Da Rae Kang, Allur Subramaniyan Sivakumar, Ho Sung Choe and Kwan Seob Shim. 2018. Effect of long chain fatty acids on triacylglycerol accumulation, fatty acid composition and related gene expression in primary cultured bovine satellite cells. Animal Biotechnology. https://doi.org/10.1080/10495398.2018.1496925. PMID: 30179065
  • Park Jin Ryong, Yoon Nam Jin, Belal Shah Ahmed, Shim Kwan Seob. 2018. Effect of LED Lighting Time on Productivity, Blood Parameters and Immune Responses of Dairy Cows. Korean Journal Organic Agriculture 26(3): 515-532.
  • Sung Yong Chang, Shah Ahmed Belal*, Da Rae Kang, Yang Il Choi, Young Hoon Kim, Ho Sung Choe, Jae Young Heo, Kawn Seob Shim. 2018. Influence of Probiotics-Friendly Pig Production on Meat Quality and Physicochemical Characteristics. Korean Journal for Food Science of Animal Resources, 38(2): 403-416. PMID: 29805288. *Equal contribution
  • Sivakumar Allur Subramaniyan, Sunirmal Sheet, Mohanraj Vinothkannan, Dong Jin Yoo, Yang Soo Lee, Shah Ahmed Belal and Kwan Seob Shim. 2018. One-pot facile synthesis of pt nanoparticles using cultural filtrate of microgravity simulated grown p. chrysogenum and their activity on bacteria. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 18(5): 3110-3125. PMID: 29442810
  • Sivakumar Allur Subramanian, Da Rae Kang, Shah Ahmed Belal, Ho Sung Choe and Kwan Seob Shim. 2018. A Comparative study of biologically and chemically fabricated synthesized AgNPs’ supplementation with respect to heat-shock proteins, survival, and hatching rates of chicken embryos- An in ovo study. Journal of cluster science, 29(1): 129-139.
  • Allur Subramaniyan Sivakumar, Chandran Krishnaraj, Sunirmal Sheet, Dileep Reddy Rampa, Da Rae Kang, Shah Ahmed Belal, Abhay Kumar, In Ho Hwang, Soon-Il Yun, Yang Soo Lee, Kwan Seob Shim. 2017. Interaction of silver and gold nanoparticles in mammalian cancer: as real topical bullet for wound healing- A comparative study. In Vitro Cellular Development and Biology- Animal. 53(7): 632-645. PMID: 28462492
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  • A Razee, ASM Mahbub, MY Miah, MR Hasnath, MK Hasan, MN Uddin and SA Belal. 2016. Performance of Japanese Quails (Coturnix coturnix japonica) on Floor and Cage Rearing System in Sylhet, Bangladesh: Comparative Study. Iranian Journal of Applied Animal Science, 6(4): 931-936.
  • Sivakumar Allur Subramaniyan, Da Rae Kang, Shah Ahmed Belal, Eun-So-Ri Cho, Jong-Hyun Jung, Young-Chul Jung, Yang-Il Choi, and Kwan-Seob Shim. 2016. Meat Quality and Physicochemical Trait Assessments of Berkshire and Commercial 3-way Crossbred Pigs. Korean J. Food Sci. An. 36(5): 641-649. PMID: 27857540
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Conference Proceedings:
  • Shah Ahmed Belal, Kang Han Na, Kang Da Rae, Oh Jae Don, Song Ki Duk, Choe Ho Sung, Park Gang Hee, Shim Kwan Seob. Effect of long chain fatty acid calcium salt (LCFA-Ca) on meat quality, blood parameters, nucleotide compounds of Hanwoo (Korean native cattle). KSAST, 2016, Seoul, South Korea.
  • Kang Han Na, Park Jin Reyong, Kang Da Rae, Belal Shah Ahmed, Jun Jeson, Kim Heonna, Lee Mun jun, Shim Kwan Seob. 돼지 고기에 대한 돼지 고기의 물리 화학적 특성 분석 (Analysis of physiochemical characteristics of pork according to pig varieties). KSAST, 2016, Seoul, South Korea.
  • Kang Da Rae, Shah Ahmed Belal, Jo Eun So Ri, Choi Go Eun, Kang Han Na, Shim Kwan Seob. Comparative meat quality of porcine longissimus dorsi on the basis of pH24 of post mortem. KOSFA, 2016, South Korea.
  • Ji Seon Son, Da Rae Kang, Jin Ryong Park, Han Na Kang, Shah Ahmed Belal, Gang Hee Park, Ho Sung Choe, Mun Jun Lee, Kwan Seob Shim. Effect of different wavelengths of LED on milk production and milk composition of lactating Holstein cows. KOSFA, 2017, South Korea.
Research Interests:
  • Meat quality (changes during postmortem)
  • Sensory attributes and fatty acid compositions in meat
  • Gene and proteome study of meat
  • Heat stress in broiler and layer
  • antioxidant investigations and feed utilization in animals
  • Animal biotechnology and molecular biology
Undergraduate Courses:
  • IPF-102: Introductory Poultry Science and Feed Processing
  • BLP-201: Broiler and Layer Production
  • DSP-301: Duck and Specialized Fowl Production
  • BHM-302: Breeder Farms and Hatchery Management
Masters Courses:
  • PSC-601: Hatchery Management
  • PSC-602: Poultry Nutrition and Nutritional Biotechnology
  • PSC-605: Poultry Behavior and welfare
  • PSC-606: Parent Stock and Commercial Broiler Management
  • PSC-606: Duck and Quail production
Academic Degrees and Qualification:
  • DVM (2005), Sylhet Agricultural University, Bangladesh
  • MS in Poultry Science (2011), Sylhet Agricultural University, Bangladesh
  • PhD in Animal Science (2018), Chonbuk National University, Republic of Korea
Positions and Affiliations:
  • 2010-2012 Lecturer, Department of Dairy and Poultry Science, Sylhet Agricultural University, Bangladesh
  • 2012-2018 Assistant Professor, Department of Poultry Science, Sylhet Agricultural University, Bangladesh
  • 2018-Present Associate Professor, Department of Poultry Science, Sylhet Agricultural University, Bangladesh
Other Academic, Administrative and Scientific Research Involvements:
  • 2012-2014 Assistant Hall Provost, Abdus Samad Azad Hall, Sylhet Agricultural University
  • 2018- Present Member, Internship Implementation Cell, FVABS, Sylhet Agricultural University
  • 2018-Present Assistant Proctor, Sylhet Agricultural University
Awards and Recognitions:
  • 2011- Awarded The Chancellor’s Gold Medal for MS in Poultry Science
  • 2015- Korea Research Fellowship (KRF), Republic of Korea
Role as Reviewer:
  • 2019- Brazilian Journal of Poultry Science (SCIE)