Mr. Animesh Chandra Das (Study Leave)
Mr. Animesh Chandra Das (Study Leave)
Assistant Professor
B. Sc. Ag.(Hons), M.S in Horticulture (BAU)
+88-01710-323088 +88-01970 323088

Educational Qualifications:

B. Sc. Ag.(Hons), Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, Bangladesh

M.S in Horticulture, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, Bangladesh


Address Detail:

Residential Address: West Dormitory, 1st floor, Sylhet Agricultural University R/A,

Official Address: Department of Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, Sylhet Agricultural University,
                         Sylhet-3100, Bangladesh 


List of Publications:

  Sohel, M.M., M.A. Islam, A.C. Das and M.F. Mondal. 2006. Effects of potassium and boron on the                   

     growth and yield of broccoli. J. Bangladesh Soc. Agric. Sci. Technol. 3 (3&4): 49-52.

2.  Bhuyian, M.A.S., M.M. Rahman, M.A.M. Miah, A.C. Das. 2008. Constraints faced by the banana

     farmers of Kuliarchar upazila under Kishoreganj district. Bangladesh J. Extn. Edn. 20(1&2):123-128.

3.  Das, A.C., M.F. Mondal, M.B. Zaman, D. Kumar and M.A.S. Bhuyian. 2009. Effects of size and longitudinal splitting of bulb on growth and yield of onion. Bangladesh J. Prog. Sci. & Tech. 7(2): 297-300.

4.  Islam, M.S., F.I. Ivy, A.C. Das and B. Debnath. 2012. Evaluation of early cauliflower genotypes 

     under varied sowing dates.  Bangladesh  J.  Agriculturist. 5(1): 9-12.

5.  Khanam, M.H., M.N.A. Chowdhury, M.J. Islam, M.A. Rouf and A.C. Das. 2013. Performance

     study of different potato variety on meristem culture. Int. J. Sustain. Crop Prod. 8(1): 28-31.

6.  Rahman, M.M., A.C. Das, M.M. Rob, B. Debnath and M.S. Islam. 2014. Effects of time and rooting  

     media on success of air layering in guava. J. Syl. Agril. Univ. 1(1): 23-27.

7.  Islam, M.S., B. Debnath, A.C. Das, M.M. Rob and J. Ferdousi. 2014. Adaptation of heat tolerant

     tomato and photo insensitive country bean variety during summer season in Sylhet region.  

    Bangladesh J. Agriculturist. 7(1): 45–50.

8.  Kamruzzaman, M., S. Parveen and A.C. Das. 2015. Livelihood improvement of tea garden workers:

     A scenario of marginalized women group in Bangladesh. Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension,

     Economics & Sociology. 7(1): 1-7.

Research Interest:
 Phytonutrients and anti-oxidant, Stress tolerance of horticultural crops