Dept. of Food Engineering and Technology

Welcome to the Department of Food Engineering and Technology of Sylhet Agricultural University (SAU). Sylhet, north-east part of Bangladesh, is place riches with a plenty of natural resources where people are multi cultural. Moreover, it is well known for beliefs of religion, tourism and tea and fruits gardens.


The Department of Food Engineering and Technology is the constituent department of the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, started its journey since 2011 with the vision to become Centre of Excellency in Food Engineering and Technological Research and Teaching in Bangladesh. The Department was established due to the emerging need to provide well trained and skilled personnel to government, autonomous, NGO and private organizations to strengthen the food value chain system of Bangladesh.


The Department of Food Engineering and Technology are currently offering the degree Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Agricultural Engineering (major in Food Engineering and Technology). The post graduate degree in Food Engineering and Technology will be opened soon. A broad spectrum of curricula offered at this department covers Post Harvest Technology of Agricultural Produce, Food Process Engineering, Food Chemistry and Nutrient Technology, Food Microbiology, Food Safety, Flavor Technology, Food Plant Design and Management etc. A sufficient attempt has been taken to enrich the teaching and research facilities of this department to have students educated with basic knowledge of Food Engineering & Technology. The faculty members of this department are listed below.