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Faculty of


Dr. Mrityunjoy Kunda


Faculty of Fisheries
Sylhet Agricultural University
Sylhet-3100, Bangladesh
Mobile : +88 01712083003
Email : dean-fisheries@sau.ac.bd

On behalf of all our teachers, staff, and students, welcome to the Faculty of Fisheries at Sylhet Agricultural University.

There is a growing demand for graduates with degrees in fisheries and related fields, and this faculty is here to meet that demand. The Faculty of Fisheries delivers students with the practical and quality education that prepares them for careers in an increasing job market.

The Faculty of Fisheries offers a pleasant and stimulating academic environment where the views, values, ideas, and experiences of students from all over the country are shared and evaluated meticulously through continuous collaboration among students and faculty members.


The faculty offers BSc, MS, and Ph.D. degrees. The faculty is currently operating with six departments – Department of Aquaculture, Department of Aquatic Resource Management, Department of Coastal and Marine Fisheries, Department of Fish Health Management, Department of Fish Biology and Genetics, and Department of Fisheries Technology and Quality Control. To date, a total of 442 students completed graduation from this faculty. At present, the faculty has 37 teachers, 238 students, and 11 staff.


The faculty is furnished with enriched graduate and undergraduate laboratories, a conference room, a library, hatchery and wet laboratory complex, and a research pond complex. Besides, a plan is underway to introduce an internship in the course curriculum of the faculty to assist students in their career development through real work experiences that provide the opportunities to explore their interests and advance professional skills and capabilities.


It is my boundless pleasure to assert that the success of our program is owed in large part to the commitment of each teacher. All teachers of this faculty are skilled academics since they are vigorously involved in research, perceived by publications in highly ranked academic journals. Also, all courses are taught in English; the faculty members' study experience abroad contributes to international understanding as well as understanding what it's like to be a student in a foreign country. With a comprehensive curriculum accompanied by rigorous training, the devoted faculty members are looking forward to welcoming new students.


Finally, I would like to jovially invite all of you who are interested in expanding your knowledge and enriching your careers to explore our faculty further either online or through a visit to campus.


Professor Dr. Mrityunjoy Kunda
Faculty of Fisheries
Sylhet Agricultural University
Sylhet-3100, Bangladesh

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Our Departments

Ms. Tanwi Dey


+88 01723435406

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Dr. Ahmed Harun-Al-Rashid


+88 01302609673

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Dr. Mohammad Mahmudul Islam


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Dr. M. M. Mahbub Alam


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Dr. Sohel Mian


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Mr. Md. Jakiul Islam


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Degrees and Courses

Undergraduate Programmes

  • B.Sc. in Fisheries (Hons)

Postgraduate Programmes

  • MS in Aquaculture (Dept. of Aquaculture)
  • MS in Fisheries Technology and Quality Control (Dept. of Fisheries Technology and Quality Control)
  • MS in Fish Health Management (Dept. of Fish Health Management)
  • MS in Coastal & Marine Fisheries (Dept. of Coastal and Marine Fisheries)
  • MS in Aquatic Resource Management (Dept. of Aquatic Resource Management)
  • MS in Fisheries Biology & Genetics (Dept. of Fish Biology and Genetics)

Ph.D Programmes

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Dept. of Aquaculture)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Dept. of Aquatic Resource Management)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Dept. of Coastal and Marine Fisheries)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Dept. of Fish Biology and Genetics)
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