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Faculty Agricultural Engineering and Technology Home

Faculty of

Agricultural Engineering and Technology

Professor Dr. Muhammad Rashed Al Mamun


Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology
Sylhet Agricultural University
Sylhet-3100, Bangladesh
Mobile : +88 01913323845
Email : dean-aet@sau.ac.bd

Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology (FAET) was established in 2011, Sylhet Agricultural University’s FAET is fifth faculty. The faculty focus on advancement of graduate studies to the extent that faculty members are now affiliated with their respective graduate students and teach undergraduate level. For nearly 10 years since its
establishment, Sylhet Agricultural University’s FAET have produced numerous talented individuals and world-class research achievements in each field, thus making significant contributions to the development of agricultural engineering technology.

Agricultural engineering is an aggregation of various academic disciplines. Accordingly, basic knowledge across a range of technologies, including mechanical, electrical, irrigation, construction and ICT, is required. Sylhet Agricultural University’s FAET has five departments: Farm Power & Machinery, Irrigation & Water Management, Computer Science & Engineering, Agricultural Construction & Environmental Engineering and Food Engineering & Technology. Undergraduate students are systematically taught basic subjects that commonly relate to these fields and they receive higher levels of technical education that differs from one department to another. Students who successfully pass the undergraduate entrance examination will undertake training programs comprising lectures, experiments, practical training, and task-oriented research. Many choose to go on to master’s level, where they are able to develop their expertise while working with peers and senior researchers, developing friendly rivalries in preparation for playing active roles in their chosen branches of society. Given the ongoing difficulties in relation to stable crop production in Bangladesh, it is important to develop a mutually cooperative framework based on good international relationships. We have concluded academic and student exchange agreements with a number of universities around the world and, based on these agreements, we are actively participating in numerous national and international collaborative research projects. In addition, for supporters and potential collaborators in research institutions, industries, and elsewhere, we enthusiastically welcome your interest in the FAET.

It is vitally important that human beings are able to secure sufficient food in order to lead agreeable lives but, currently, there are a number of negative factors that advanced agricultural production technology, such as appropriate scale mechanization, insufficient indigenous agricultural machineries, irrigation water conservation, off road inaccessibility for machineries all of which adversely affect sustainable crop production. How can we surmount such difficulties? Without any doubt, agricultural engineering and technology has a major role to play in this respect. We invite you to join us in our endeavor to bring comfortable and agreeable living conditions to people worldwide through such wide-ranging education and research programs.

Warm regards,


Professor Dr. Muhammad Rashed Al Mamun

Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology
Sylhet Agricultural University
Sylhet-3100, BANGLADESH.
Mobile:+88-01913-323845; +88-01756-878791
Telephone: +88-02996642023

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Dr. Muktarun Islam


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Department Home

Professor Dr. Muhammad Rashed Al Mamun


+88 01913323845

Department Home

Mr. Md. Shahidullah Kayshar


+88 01717514432

Department Home

Dr. Tariqul Islam


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Dr. Hira Lal Gope


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Degrees and Courses

Undergraduate Programmes

  • B.Sc. in Agricultural Engg. & Tech.

Postgraduate Programmes

  • MS in Farm Power and Machinery (Dept. of Farm Power and Machinery)
  • MS in Irrigation and Water Management (Dept. of Irrigation and Water Management)
  • MS in Agricultural Construction and Environmental Engineering (Dept. of Agricultural Construction and Environmental Engineering)
  • MS in Food Engineering and Technology (Dept. of Food Engineering and Technology)

Ph.D Programmes

  • Doctor of Philosophy(Dept. of Farm Power and Machinery) (Dept. of Farm Power and Machinery)
  • Doctor of Philosophy(Dept. of Farm Power and Machinery) (Dept. of Irrigation and Water Management)
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