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Faculty Agricultural Engineering and Technology Home

Faculty of

Agricultural Engineering and Technology

Dr. Md. Altaf Hossain


Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology
Sylhet Agricultural University
Sylhet-3100, Bangladesh
Mobile : +88 01716112504
Email : dean-aet@sau.ac.bd

The Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology (FAET) started as the fifth faculty of Sylhet Agricultural University (SAU) on April 19, 2012, with the orientation of students. FAET has five departments: Irrigation and Water Management (IWM), Farm Power and Machinery (FPM), Food Engineering and Technology (FET), Agricultural Construction and Environmental Engineering (ACEE), and Computer Science and Engineering (CSE). The faculty provides a "B. Sc. Agricultural Engineering" degree, and three (IWM, FPM, and ACEE) departments within the faculty offer MS degree programs individually in particular fields. These three departments, as well as Policy under the faculty, offer doctoral programs. Agricultural engineering combines civil engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, food science, and agricultural science. The main objective of this subject is to demonstrate sustainability and appropriate performance in agricultural production.

Each department has highly qualified faculty members, well-established departmental laboratories, and research workshops. FEAT faculty members aim to produce quality engineers capable of contributing solutions to engineering problems facing society through research; need-based academic programs, outreach, and consultancy services train and produce high-quality agricultural engineering graduates to solve problems in agriculture, focusing on the adoption of specific engineering technologies and automation for research, development, and improvement, especially in dryland and rainfed areas.

Agricultural Engineering in Agriculture has used irrigation systems since its inception. Irrigation did not become widespread until the Industrial Revolution. The invention of tractors and other agricultural machinery accompanied a new agricultural revolution. Later mechanization and weaving reduced manual cultivation in the 20th century. Later in the 20th century, crop dusters made it easier to spray pesticides on crops. Applying all these classical engineering concepts to agriculture led to a revolution called the Second Agricultural Revolution.

Agricultural engineers have played many roles in the incredible development of agriculture. The field of agricultural engineers is increasing day by day. Agricultural engineers have been providing expertise in various sectors to meet the need for agricultural technology. Bangladesh Nuclear Agricultural Research Institute, Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI), Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI), Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council, Bangladesh Power Development Board, Bangladesh Rural Development Academy, Directorate of Agricultural Extension (DAE), Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institute, Bangladesh Petroleum Exploration and Production Company, and Rural Development Academy (RDA)—apart from Janata Engineering, Alim Industry, ACI, Syngenta, and Qazi Farms—all agricultural machinery manufacturing private companies have job opportunities. On the other hand, students with good results get jobs in government and private banks and become university teachers. If your CGPA is good, you can efficiently study and live permanently in different countries, including Europe and America.

The faculty constantly strives to improve and update its academic and research programs. Any professional suggestions and valuable compliments for further improving this faculty's educational and research activities will be highly appreciated.



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Mrs. Tahmina Akter


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Ms. Shermin Aktar


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Mr. Md. Shahidullah Kayshar


+88 01717514432

Department Home

Dr. Md. Altaf Hossain


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Dr. Hira Lal Gope


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Degrees and Courses

Undergraduate Programmes

  • B.Sc. in Agricultural Engg. & Tech.

Postgraduate Programmes

  • MS in Farm Power and Machinery (Dept. of Farm Power and Machinery)
  • MS in Irrigation and Water Management (Dept. of Irrigation and Water Management)
  • MS in Agricultural Construction and Environmental Engineering (Dept. of Agricultural Construction and Environmental Engineering)
  • MS in Food Engineering and Technology (Dept. of Food Engineering and Technology)

Ph.D Programmes

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Dept. of Farm Power and Machinery)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Dept. of Irrigation and Water Management)
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