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International Students’ Admission

International students having their Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) or its equivalent from international countries shall be considered as ‘International Students’. Having completed graduation degree from the abroad, the candidate who intends to get admission in relation to higher degree will also be considered as international students of SAU.

Application Form - International Students (Download)

1.     International Students’ Admission

Degrees (Bachelors, Honours, MS and PhD) offered from the following faculties of  the SAU

(a) Faculty of Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences

(b) Faculty of Agriculture

(c) Faculty of Fisheries

(d) Faculty of Agricultural Economics and Business Studies

(e) Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology

(f) Faculty of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering

(g) Others; Degrees (MS and PhD) are offered from the respective departments under the faculty of the Post Graduate Studies.


2.     Eligibility


(a) The students should be passed the Higher Secondary Examination orEquivalent with at least 4 (four) subjects Physics, Chemistry, Biology,Mathematics, English, Agricultural and relevant subjects.


(b) The students should have aminimum of 12 years of education from the recognized schools/colleges orinstitutes;


(c) The students have passedHigher Secondary Examination in the current year or previous year.


(d) In the examinations ofSecondary (10 years) and Higher Secondary (at least 2 years schooling) level, theapplicants should have at least one first division/class and one seconddivision/class. For the grading system, theapplicants should have minimum GPA 3.0 (out of 5.0) and GPA 4.0 (out of 5.0) inany one of the Secondary and Higher Secondary level having a total of minimumgrade point 7.0.


(i) Applicants must have passed Higher SecondaryExamination or its equivalent examination (12 Years schooling) with minimum ‘B’grades or 50% marks in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English. Ifthe transcript contains both letter and numerical grades, the letter grade willbe taken under consideration.


(ii) Applicants passing the GCE ‘O’ level and GCE ‘A’ level must obtain  minimum of ‘C’ grade in at least five subjects(including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English) in GCE ‘O’ levelexamination and minimum of C grade in the four subjects of Mathematics,Physics, Biology and Chemistry in GCE ‘A’ level of examination.

(e) The applicants should have to submit medicalfitness certificate by the registered physician mentioning that the applicantsdo not bear a contagious disease and are mentally and physically fit to pursuethe academic program.


(f) As the medium ofinstruction of this university is in English, the candidates must have good proficiencyin English.


3.     Admission Requirements


Students must submit an application through online for admission to the registrar of the university from 1stSeptember of the each year for undergraduate programs (January-June), and (July-December) for postgraduate programs with scanned copies of the following original documents.


(a) Academic Certificates


(i) Secondary School Certificate/O-Level/Equivalent Diploma


(ii) Higher Secondary Certificate/A-Level/Equivalent Diploma


(b) A recent photograph (passport size)


(c) A complete curriculum vitae in English (within one page)


(d) A formal letter or certificate from registered organization/person/academician or indicating the very good command in both written and verbal of English language.


(e) A recent health certificate from recognized health authority.


(f) A certified copy of valid passport


(g) National Identity Card (NID) (If any)


(h) All academic records, certificate as well as above documents should be attached with the applications for Postgraduate Program.


(i) The ordinance for MS and PhD shall be applicable to the international students.


Students satisfying the above-mentioned requirements may apply for admission. However, they may be exempted from the requirement of personal interview in that case the evaluation will be based on written records, academic references and writing assignments. In certain cases, MoU between countries, organizations and universities may be accomplished if necessary.


4.     Number of seats

The total number of seats for the international students in the undergraduate program in a single academic session is 60 (sixty). However, a maximum of 20 (twenty) students from a single country and a maximum of 10 (ten) students in a single academic program shall be allowed. In addition, the final decision will be taken by the Admission Committee (ADCOM) of the respective academic year of SAU.



5.     Evaluation Committee

The Evaluation Committee should be formed by the following members :



Convener of the Dean Council                                          

- Chairman



- Member


Director (Students Counseling and Guidance)

- Member


Director (External Affairs)

- Member


Controller of the Examinations

- Member



- Member


Convener (Provost Council)

- Member


Deputy Registrar (Consonant Office of the Academic Section)

- Secretary


6.     Application Procedure

The students have to apply to the Registrar of the university through the Mission/Embassy/High Commission of Bangladesh in their respective countries to the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of Bangladesh for further processing. In case of provisional admission, candidates may send the duly filled prescribed forms to the Registrar. Application form for International Students to seek admission at SAU can be downloaded from the university website; www.sau.ac.bd.


Eligible applicants will be intimated by the Registrar of the university at least 01 (one) month before the commencement of the academic year. After approval for admission, applicants shall be provided with the prescribed form for admission which must be duly filled in by the selected candidates and returned to the Registrar of the university.


7.     Verification

(a) Original documents of the above mentioned certificates should be submitted/ presented at the time of admission;

(b) The certificates and transcripts can be verified by the respective education board/ institute of the respective country.

(c) If any incorrect/wrong information is given at the time of admission, her/his admission will be cancelled.

(d) All the documents of the candidates will be sent to the Evaluation Committee of the university; and

(e) Incomplete application will not be entertained for further processing.

8.      Permission from Authorities


(a) Eligible applicants will be issued a provisional acceptance letter by the university authority for provisional admission; and

(b) Final admission will be made by the SAU authority after receiving permission from the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.


9.  Admission


(a) The applicants have to face a medical board and only the fit candidates will be
      allowed to get admission;

(b) The Dean of the respective faculty will recommend for admission after verifying all academic transcripts;

(c) If any selected candidate fails to get admission in due time, that seat will be filled in by the candidate from the waiting list according to merit;

(d) After final selection, the registrar of the university will admit the students after payment of related fees;

(e) The admitted students have to attend the regular classes within forty five (45) days from the date of their admission otherwise their admission will be cancelled.


10.   Fees


(a) Program: All fees for the admission, course enrollment and hall (residence) will be decided by the SAU authority.


(b) Food and residence: Decision will be taken by the respective hall authorities of SAU.


(c) Others: Fees to be paid whenever SAU authority decides according to need.


(d) Application and processing fees will be decided by the Admission Committee (ADCOM) of SAU.


11.  Accommodation


International students will be offered separate accommodation (if available). However, students may find their own accommodation with prior permission from the university hall authority.

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