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Department of Irrigation and Water Management


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Faculty Agricultural Engineering and Technology Irrigation and Water Management Faculty Members Mr. Md. Suruj Mia

Mr. Md. Suruj Mia

Assistant Professor

MS in Irrigation and Water Management

(Study Leave)


Dept. of Irrigation and Water Management

Publication Profile

  • M. S. Mia and T. Akter, Probability analysis of rainfall and evapotranspiration for crop planning in chandpur district, J. Agricultural Engineering (Engineering Institution of Bangladesh). Vol. 40/AE (1): 65-71, June 2013.
  • M. A. Mojid, M. S. Mia, A. K. Saha and S. S. Tabriz., Growth stage sensitivity of wheat to irrigation water salinity, J. Bangladesh Agril. Univ. 11(1): 147-152, 2013.
  • A. K. Saha, M. J. Rahman, M. S. Mia and A. Singha, Performance evaluation of low-cost materials in removing pollutants from wastewater. J. Sylhet Agril. Univ. 1(1): 123-130, 2014.
  • A. Singha, M. Ahmed, A. K. Saha and M. S. Mia, Installation and performance evaluation of shallow tubewell at a haor area of Netrokona district. J. Sylhet Agril. Univ. 1(1): 107-116, 2014.
  • Khalid Hossen M., A. Singha, M. S. Mia, Numerical Modelling of 2004 Indonesian Tsunami along the coast of Phuket. International Organization of Scientific Research (IOSR) Journals, Vol. 11, Issue %, September- October. 2015.