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Faculty Agricultural Engineering and Technology Food Engineering and Technology Faculty Members Dr. Khaliduzzaman

Dr. Khaliduzzaman

Assistant Professor

BSc & MS (BAU); MS , PhD & JSPS Postdoc (Kyoto University, Japan)

(Study Leave)

Research interests: ML, AI, Smart Technologies, Optics and Photonics, Sensors for Food & Agricultural Sciences


Dept. of Food Engineering and Technology


I am working on machine learning and AI for object detection (YOLOv) and tracking (SORT algorithms) using deep learning algorithms for Agricultural Sciences. Previously, I did research on application of Terahertz wave in chicken eggs and UV-induced Fluorescence images during my tenure of JSPS postdoctoral fellowship at Kyoto University. I have been awarded my Master and Doctoral degrees in Bio-Sensing Engineering from Kyoto University. During my PhD research, I have opened up a new research domain in scientific world in the field of non-destructive chicken egg research (optics and photonics). I published more than 25 SCIE/scopus indexed papers and presented at 20 international conferences in various countries. I have been also awarded many conferences and Young Researcher Encouragement Awards by various academic societies in Japan. I have also been awarded best publication award 2020 by Sylhet Agricultural University. I also did research on aerial imagery for agricultural field mapping using DJI Phantom 4 drone. I am serving as an Associate Editor of EAEF (Engineering in Agriculture, Environment and Food) journal (J-Stage, Japan). I edited the book (springer) "Informatics in Poultry Production" which is the first book in the world of its kind. I took another book project on optical sensing technologies (CRC press).