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Department of Agricultural Marketing and Business Management


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Faculty Agricultural Economics and Business Studies Agricultural Marketing and Business Management Faculty Members Md. Shaikh Farid

Md. Shaikh Farid

Assistant Professor

B.Sc. Ag. Econ. (Hons.) (SAU) M.S. in Agril. Econ. (Agribusiness & Marketing) (BAU)


Dept. of Agricultural Marketing and Business Management

Publication Profile

  • M Begum, MS Farid*, MM Rahman, S Barua, M Begum and MS Sharkar(2020) Competitive Advantage and Constraints Associated With Duck Farming in North Eastern Region of Bangladesh. Journal Of Humanities And Social Science ,Volume 25, Issue 2, 62-66.
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  • Begum M, Farid MS, Barua S, Alam MJ. COVID-19 and Bangladesh: socio-economic analysis towards the future correspondence.
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  • Begum M, Marium B, Farid MS, Hasan M. Post-Harvest Loss Assessment and Marketing Practices of Fruits: An Empirical Study of Maulvibazar District in Bangladesh.
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Citation indices

  • https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Shaikh-Farid