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Department of Farm Power and Machinery


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Faculty Agricultural Engineering and Technology Farm Power and Machinery Faculty Members Md. Towfiqur Rahman

Md. Towfiqur Rahman

Assistant Professor

B.Sc Engineering (Agricultural), MS in Farm Power and Machinery (BAU)

(Study Leave)

Research interests: Computer vision, Machine Learning, Precision Agriculture, Precision Livestock Management


Dept. of Farm Power and Machinery


Md Towfiqur Rahman is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Farm Power and Machinery, Sylhet Agricultural University (SAU), Bangladesh where he has been since 2017. Currently, he is on study leave to pursue his Doctoral Degree in Biological Systems Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, NE, USA. The major concentration of his research is in Precision Agriculture. The research focused on reducing the losses and practice of a precise system for animal behavioral study in livestock production. Different RGB and depth sensors for computer vision systems where he is using different Deep learning and Machine learning algorithms for analysis. He expects, his learning outcomes will be a valuable technology for modern livestock production systems in the near future. He received his B.Sc. Engineering (Agricultural) in 2016 and M.S. in Farm Power and Machinery in 2018 from the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU), Bangladesh which was established with academic support from the Texas A&M University in 1961. Before his joining as a Lecturer at SAU, he worked as Undergraduate Research Assistant in a TWAS funded project and Technical Executive into Fabrication Laboratory (FabLab) at BAU. His research is situated in the field of Computer Vision (CV) and Precision Agriculture with a special focus on Agricultural Machinery Design, Remote sensing, and Bio-system Engineering. Currently, he leads some research groups working in different research projects such as CV in Post-harvest agro-product processing, agricultural machinery automation, tea processing, and grading technology. Much of his work has been on improving the understanding, design, and performance of technology mainly through the application of sensors, CV, and performance evaluation. He received research grants from the University Grant Commission (UGC) and achieved an ICT fellowship award from ICT Division, Ministry of Post, Telecommunications and Information Technology, The People’s Republic of Bangladesh for his extraordinary contribution to computer vision research and automation of agricultural machinery. He is dedicated to pursuing cutting-edge research in precision management and automation in the agricultural industry. He is a professional member of the Engineers Institution of Bangladesh (IEB), as well as the Agriculturist Institution Bangladesh (KIB). Mr. Rahman teaches several courses on Engineering Mechanics, Precision Agriculture, Machinery Design, Bio-system Engineering, and Plant Protection Technology to engineering students from different undergraduate and graduate levels. He always integrates his research experiences with the teaching position. He supervises some undergraduate students in the CV research area. Moreover, he has published some well-valued articles in national and international journals. Besides his research concentration, he is involved in cultural and other student communities. He is active in a variety of civic and cultural organizations. Outside of professional interests, he travels widely, reads, writes and enjoys living with his family.