DR. Md. Nazmul Hossain
DR. Md. Nazmul Hossain
Assistant Professor
DVM, MS in Animal Science (SAU)

Dr. Md. Nazmul Hossain obtained his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree at 2013 and received his MS in Animal Science at 2016 from Sylhet Agricultural University, Bangladesh.

He joined as a Lecturer at April, 2016 in Department of Livestock Production and Management, Sylhet Agricultural University, Sylhet, Bangladesh and now working as an Assistant Professor in the same department.

Publication Profile:
  • Publications: 04
Proceeding Papers:
  • Proceeding Paper: 01
Research Interests:
  • Methane emission, Animal Feed, Digestibility of feed, Animal Genetics
Research Support:
  • Production of Black Soldier Fly (BSF) Larvae form kitchen waste as an alternative of conventional protein source for poultry Position: Principal investigator Funding Agency: University Grant Commission, Bangladesh
  • Hydroponic Fodder: An alternative technology for sustainable dairy production against hampering climate change Position: Principal investigator Funding Agency: University Grant Commission, Bangladesh
  • System modeling for the development of community dairy buffalo in Haor areas of Bangladesh Position: Co-investigator Funding Agency: Ministry of Education, Bangladesh
  • Livelihood Improvement through Promotion of Dairy and Milk Market Access to Poor Farmers in Haor Areas of Bangladesh Position: Co-investigator Funding Agency: BAS-USDA
Undergraduate Courses:
  • Fundamental of Animal Science (FAS-101) - Sylhet Agricultural University
  • Livestock Management (LMA-102) - Sylhet Agricultural University
  • Zoo and Laboratory Animal Management (ZAM-102) - Sylhet Agricultural University
  • Meat, Hides, Skins and Wool Technology (MHW-401) - Sylhet Agricultural University
  • Management of Livestock and Poultry (ANLM-111, 112) - Sylhet Agricultural University
Masters Courses:
  • Sheep and Goat Production (AS 601) - Sylhet Agricultural University
  • Buffalo Production (AS 602) - Sylhet Agricultural University
  • Integrated Livestock Farming (AS 603) - Sylhet Agricultural University
  • Beef Cattle Production (AS 604) - Sylhet Agricultural University
  • Wool, Hides and Skin Technology (AS 605) - Sylhet Agricultural University
  • Meat Science and Technology (AS 606) - Sylhet Agricultural University
  • Livestock Waste Management and Environment (AS 607) - Sylhet Agricultural University
  • Wildlife conservation (AS 609) - Sylhet Agricultural University
Academic Degrees and Qualification:
  • M. Sc. (Animal Science)
  • DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine)
Professional Memberships:
  • Bangladesh Veterinary Association (BVA)
  • Krishibid Institution of Bangladesh (KIB)
  • Application of R Program for Advance Statistical Analysis in Agricultural Research, 2017
  • Rover Leader Orientation Training, 2017
  • Foundation Training for University Teachers, 2018
  • International Hands on Training on Genomic Data Science & Cloud computing, 2019
  • Bioinformatics: protein structure prediction and modelling, 2020
  • Training workshop on Application of Remote Sensing and GIS, 2020
  • Annual Biosafety awareness training and Hands on training of Bio-security, 2020
  • Bengali
  • English