DR. Md. Mowdudul Hasan Talha
DR. Md. Mowdudul Hasan Talha
DVM, MS in Pharmacology

DR. Md. Mowdudul Hasan Talha is a Lecturer in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology under the Faculty of Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences, SAU since January 2021. He completed his DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) in June 2017 and MS (Pharmacology) in December 2018 from the same university. After completing the Master’s program DR. Talha was seeking a scholarship abroad and managed a fully funded M.Sc. program in Veterinary Pathology at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada along with University Graduate Scholarship and Saskatchewan Innovation & Opportunity Scholarship. But in order to join as a faculty in Sylhet Agricultural University, he had to revoke the program. In his academic life, DR. Talha was awarded the National Science and Technology (NST) Scholarship for his MS research work. He has published a good number of scientific articles and conference papers both as first author and co-author. He is teaching pharmacology and toxicology courses to undergraduate and postgraduate students. DR. Talha attended a good number of training, workshops, seminars, and conferences as part of academic and professional improvement. His research interests are in the areas of anti-depressant drugs, antibiotic resistance, new drug discovery, and cancer medicine.

Citation indices:
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  • https://scholar.google.com/citations?hl=en&user=Kt_pG6kAAAAJ
Peer Reviewed Selected Articles:
  • Islam M A, Islam M S, Hossain M A, Ahmed S, Aktaruzzaman M, Akanda M R, Talha M M H, Zabir A A. “In Vitro Antibacterial Activity of Medicinal Plants Turmeric, Chinnamon, and Clove Against GM (+ve) and GM (-ve) Bacteria”. International Journal of Current Pharmaceutical Research, 2019; 11(5): 85-88.
  • Talha M M H, Mia M M, Momu J M, Rahman M U, Ahmad M, Adnan M R, Razee A, Aktaruzzaman M, Haque M N, Paul B. “Morphometric, productive and reproductive traits of Indian peafowl (Pavo cristatus) in Bangladesh”. International Journal of Development Research, 2018; 8(2): 19039-19043.
  • Ahmed S, Hasan M R, Hossain A, Uddin F, Rashid H, Talha M M H, Rahman M M. “Clinical Prevalence and Influencing Factors Analysis for the Occurrence of Peste Des Petits Ruminants (PPR) Disease of Goat at Sylhet Region, Bangladesh”. Veterinary Clinical Science, 2017; 05 (01): 01-05.
  • Islam T, Ahmad S U, Rahman M U, Hossain A, Adnan M R,Ahmad M, Talha M M H, Rahman M. “Prevalence of Gastro-intestinal Parasitic Infestation of Pigeon at Sylhet District in Bangladesh”. Asian J. Anim. Sci, 2017; 11 (4): 189-193.
  • Hasan M R, Islam S, Das R, Talha M M H, Adnan M R, Rahman M U, Haque M E, Rahman M M, Howlader M R. “Effects of Feed Additives on Productive and Reproductive Performance of Khaki Campbell Duck in KuliarchorUpazilla, Kishoreganj District, Bangladesh”. AJAAR, 2017; 4(1): 1-8.
  • Momu J M, Adnan M R, Talha M M H, Rahman M U, Ahmad M, Khasnobish A, Sabur A M, Rahman M M. "Prevalence Of Mastitis In Dairy Cows In Selected Areas Of Sylhet District". J. Chem. Bio. Phy. Sci. Sec, 2018; 8 (2): 067-075.
Research Interests:
  • Anti-depressant drugs
  • Antibiotic resistance
  • Drug discovery
  • Cancer medicine
Academic Degrees and Qualification:
  • MS in Pharmacology, Sylhet Agricultural University
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), Sylhet Agricultural University
Positions and Affiliations:
  • Lecturer, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Sylhet Agricultural University. From 17.01. 2021 to Present
Awards and Scholarships:
  • University Graduate Scholarship, USASK, Canada - 2021 (Revoked)
  • Saskatchewan Innovation & Opportunity Scholarship, USASK, Canada - 2021 (Revoked)
  • University Award for Excellence - DVM
Professional Memberships:
  • Member of the Bangladesh Veterinary Association (BVA) - 2017 to Present
  • Member of the Krishibid Institution of Bangladesh (KIB) - 2017 to Present
  • Life time membership certificate from "Indian Society for Advancement of Canine Practice" held at GB Pantnagar University of Agriculture and Technology, Uttarakhand, India - 2016 to Present
  • Veterinary Medicine Practitioner in Bangladesh, Reg. No.: 5487, Bangladesh Veterinary Council (BVC) - 2016 to Present
Conference contributions (Poster Presentations):
  • Talha M M H, Islam M S, Hossain M A, Aktaruzzaman M. “Effects of Spirulina in Arsenic Induced Toxicities in Broiler”, The 25th BSVER Annual Scientific Conference 2019, BSVER publication NO.44, pp.113.
  • Adnan M R, Rahman M U, Ahmad M, Talha M M H, Sabur M A. “Status of productive and reproductive performance of Aseel, Deshi and Fayoumi chickens at Sylhet district of Bangladesh”. 11th International Poultry seminar, WPSA BB, 3-6 march, 2019, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Attended Conferences and Workshops:
  • National Congress on Canine Practice & Symposium – Indian Society for Advancement of Canine Practice. 09/02/2017 – 11/02/2017 –India.
  • 2nd National DVM Intern Research Conference 2016 organized by OIE, Tufts University and Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Bangladesh.
  • Training on Basic Biotechnology organized by National Institute of Biotechnology, 02/02/2019-07/02/2019.