Dept. of Farm Power and Machinery

Department of Farm Power and Machinery


The Department of Farm Power and Machinery (DFPM) plays an important role in understanding the fundamental knowledge about field machinery, agricultural systems and it directly correlates the other fields of engineering and agricultural sciences. Understanding the importance and necessity of acquiring knowledge about the most exciting and interesting branch of agricultural science and engineering, Department of Farm Power and Machinery belongs to the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology (FAET), Sylhet Agricultural University (SAU).

This Department started functioning from the 2008, with the objectives of applying modern engineering knowledge to increase agricultural productivity, improve product quality and minimize losses through utilization of machine tools and power sources. The Department offers courses for the degree of B.Sc. Agricultural Engineering, MS in Farm Power and Machinery and PhD. The Department conducts teaching, research and extension education activities in the subjects related to tools, equipment and machineries, different sources of farm power and renewable sources of energy and workshop activities. Design, development and adoption of equipment, processes and systems suitable for the country concerning agricultural production and its management are also in the purview of this department's courses. The Departmental courses are expanded to the fields of renewable energy, bioresearch systems and environmental impact assessment.

The Department has a big workshop complex comprising a number of laboratories, workshops and other instructional and research facilities under the guidance of highly qualified teachers educated in the country and abroad. The undergraduate courses include basic subjects in design, operation and maintenance of farm machinery, agricultural product processing, refrigeration and air conditioning, rural electrification, post-harvest technology, engineering administration and management. In addition to these basic subjects practical on workshop technology, thermodynamics, engineering mechanics and electrical engineering are the parts of the curriculum. The MS and PhD program are based on course and research work. This Department has facilities for testing and standardization of tractors, power tillers and other agricultural machineries. The teachers of the department are actively engaged in individual and coordinated research and development works having linkages with national, international and donor agencies/organizations.

Degree Awarding Program:

The Department of Farm Power of Machinery offers forty-one (41) courses (Total Credit-109) in undergraduate level including others two faculties one is Agriculture and other is Agricultural Economics and Business Studies. Postgraduation degree includes nine (9) courses and last semester students submitted their thesis paper.


Department of Farm Power and Machinery at a Glance:




Professor Dr. Muhammad Rashed Al Mamun


AET Building (Ground floor), SAU





Faculty members


Degree offered

B. Sc. Agril. Engg., MS in Farm Power and Machinery and PhD

Laboratory (Lab)

Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, Precision Agriculture Laboratory. Tractor Testing Laboratory, Engine Testing laboratory, Tractor and Automotive Shop, Agricultural Machinery Laboratory, Welding Shop, Machining & Fitting Shop, Foundry Shop, Carpentry Shop, Blacksmith Shop, Electrical Engineering Laboratory, Thermodynamics & Heat Engine Laboratory, and Agricultural Process Engineering Laboratory.

Number of Students under Bachelor Thesis Supervision


Number of Students under MS Thesis Supervision


Number of Students under PhD Thesis Supervision


Number of Postgraduate Degree Awarded Students


Number of Published Research Papers



 Faculties of the Department of Farm Power and Machinery:

Name and Address


Area of research interest

Dr. Muhammad Rashed Al Mamun


Solar Energy, Bioenergy, Solid Waste Management, Farm Machinery

 Agricultural Mechanization, Precision Agriculture, Image Processing, GIS based Agricultural Mechanization, Groundwater Hydrology, Vertical Farming Technology, Poultry Incubation System and Environment Management

Shermin Aktar

Assistant Professor

Precision Agriculture, Post-harvest technology, Renewable Energy, Agricultural Machinery Design

Md. Towfiqur Rahman

Assistant Professor

Computer vision system, Remote sensing, Machine learning, Precision Agriculture, Agricultural Machinery Design.

Md. Janibul Alam Soeb

Assistant Professor

Attosecond Physics, Nonlinear Optics, Laser Physics, Renewable Energy and Machine Learning

Md. Kamrul Hasan Rahi


Evolutionary constrained optimization, Design automation, Multi-objective optimization, Machine learning.

Shamima Shammi


Post-Harvest Technology Design, Agricultural Machinery Design, Renewable Energy, Precision Agriculture


Major Field of Studies

There are many major courses such as Agricultural Systems Engineering, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering, Machine Design, Heat and Mass transferred, Precision Agriculture, Bio-Materials and Systems, Project Planning and Evaluation etc. enhance the knowledge of students which are practically needed for their job fields. In addition to these basic subjects practical on Workshop Technology, Thermodynamics, Engineering Mechanics and Electrical Engineering are the parts of the curriculum. The MS program is based on course and research work. All courses are important in agricultural sector which are needed for improvement of Agricultural Mechanization. 

Classroom Facilities:

The classrooms at Farm Power and Machinery are fully furnished with state-of-the-art technology to be at par with the standards set by the world’s best institutes. The Teaching-Learning pedagogy used in the classrooms is IT enabled and all classrooms are equipped with a standard array of presentation equipment that provides our Department with the best multimedia tools for their instructional needs. The classrooms can accommodate 40 students while the tutorial classes are designed for a strength of 15-20 students. We have all technological supports which can facilitate students to discuss academic topics, submit their assignments online, see their class notes, study through specially designed learning resources.

Laboratory Facilities:                                                                                       

The Department of Farm Power and Machinery maintains the laboratory and workshop facilities for its undergraduate, postgraduate, teaching, research, testing, training and service programs. The Department has the following laboratories: Agricultural and Biosystem Engineering, Tractor testing laboratory, Engine testing laboratory, Tractor and Automotive Shop, Agricultural Machinery laboratory, Welding Shop, Machining & Fitting Shop, Foundry Shop, Carpentry Shop, Blacksmith Shop, Electrical Engineering Laboratory, Thermodynamics & Heat Engine Laboratory, and Agricultural Process Engineering Lab.

Research and Development Activities of the Department:

The department has well-equipped research laboratory where new innovation ideas are implemented. Newly developed farm machines are displayed in the workshop. Visitors for knowledge exchange purposes visit this workshop quite often. Newly invented innovation technology by the Department at a glance:

SL No.


Name of the technologies generated



Biomethane purification technology



Smart solid waste management technology



Biomethane production technology from rumen digesta



Enhance Biomethane production technology from tea waste and fish residues



Newly designed solar incubator



Newly invented Recycled aluminum-can solar dryer for agricultural crops



Smart Solar cooker



Evaporative cooling chamber for vegetables preservation



Vertical floating bed technology



Design optimization of rotary blade in conservation agriculture



Precision tea grading system



Automatic irrigation system



Mini cold storage for tomato preservation



Solar-Biogas hybrid cooking stove


Future Plan of the Department of Farm Power and Machinery:

Department of Farm Power and Machinery is one of the most promising Department of Sylhet Agricultural University. The main objective of this department is to develop agricultural mechanization and replacing the traditional inefficient agricultural tools, efficient mechanized cultivation must be introduced and extended. To achieve this objective, the overall activities of the Department are planned with the help of appropriate technologies, is to lead to a sustainable agricultural development and, ultimately, food security.

Student’s activities

Sure, Department of Farm Power and Machinery is a serious and advanced research-oriented department. Here, students get the knowledge to design state of art technology in agricultural field. They can develop their technological knowledge by performing in various software as well as modeling best ‘Agrobot (Agricultural Robot)’ in robotics club. They are contributing in different international conferences, seminars and workshops. They have also professional language club which organize various workshop and group discussion. That does not mean they have no cultural activities. The students of this department are culturally sound and they perform in different cultural activities like singing, acting and dancing. 

Career Map of the Students

The graduates from Farm Power and Machinery (FPM) by virtue of their acquired knowledge and qualification are serving at various public and private sectors and NGOs inside and outside of the country. They are making a substantial contribution towards nation building activities. The various organizations where the graduates are working with reputation are: Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC), Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI), Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI), Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture (BINA), Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (BARC), Rural Electrification Board (REB),  Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB), Palli Biddut Samity (PBS), Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development (BARD), Barind Multipurpose Development Authority (BMDA), Technical School and College (TSC former VTI), Sylhet Agricultural University (SAU). They also build up their career through different jobs and scholarships in abroad.