Professor Dr. Mohammad Mehedi Hasan Khan Dean

The Faculty of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering was established with the vision that Sylhet Agricultural University (SAU) will lead the forefront in education and research in the fields of Life Science. Our mission is to effectively integrate learning, discovery and engagement. We also reinforce education-industry ties to enhance research efficiency and to maximize the proficiency of adding industrial value to research products. Through this interdisciplinary research and academic cooperation, we are aiming to have promising future.


We know that the best learning is experiential, and leads to a clear understanding of how discoveries are made, how science is conducted, and how ideas are communicated. The best learning is facilitated by faculty who are active in research and who can engage students in the excitement of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering. In addition of offering high quality undergraduate education, our faculty is hoping to offer excellent graduate programs at the MS and PhD levels. Currently, the faculty has young, energetic and enthusiastic Biotechnology and other Graduates from different universities as faculty members who are determined to place this faculty to the top most position in the country.


Our faculty, staff and students are engaged with the communities of science and education. To each individual who joins us, we promise opportunities to experience the excitement of biotechnology. We encourage you to become a part of our team-as a student, alumni, corporate partner, scientific collaborator, or a member of our faculty and staff. Also, we will be committed to nurturing more talents, maximizing our advantages, and enriching the cultural environment.


It is said that the 21st century will be an era of life sciences. To assure a safety and sufficient food supply and to solve the environmental problems confronting humanity, further development of academic research in these fields is necessary. Therefore, our undergraduate and graduate courses hope to make the best use of bioscience and biotechnology to clarify various life phenomena at the molecular, cellular, individual and group levels. We aim to emerge as a research center for cutting edge comprehensive life sciences by driving the biosciences and biotechnology within our undergraduate and graduate programs as an offshoot of our years of cultivated knowledge and technologies.


Join us on our journey of learning, discovery and commitment, and enjoy the excitement of biotechnology and genetic engineering.