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Faculty Agricultural Economics and Business Studies Home

Faculty of

Agricultural Economics and Business Studies

Dr. Masud Alam


Faculty of Agricultural Economics and Business Studies
Sylhet Agricultural University
Sylhet-3100, Bangladesh
Mobile : +88 01911612496
Email : dean-aebs@sau.ac.bd

The Faculty of Agricultural Economics and Business Studies comprises five academic departments namely Agricultural Economics and Policy, Rural Sociology and Development, Agricultural Statistics, Agricultural Marketing and Business Management and Agricultural Finance and Banking. The faculty provides B.Sc.Ag.Econ (Hons.) degree and each department under the faculty offers MS degree programs individually in particular fields except the Department of Agricultural Marketing and Business Management. Doctoral program is also offering from the Department of Agricultural Economics and Policy under the faculty.


The main objectives of the faculty is to develop trained manpower in order to meet the growing demand for Agricultural Economics graduates in public, private and non-government organizations (NGOs) involved in overall development of Bangladesh. This is the new borne faculty in Bangladesh which provides graduates in Agricultural Economics in the country. The graduates of the faculty have been serving in various government organizations, banks, civil services, research institutes, rural development, and agricultural extension organizations/ departments, universities, colleges, NGOs and also other international organizations.


The need for skilled and trained manpower in the field of Agricultural Economics in developing country like Bangladesh can hardly be overemphasized. Realizing/ recognizing the complexities in the socioeconomic setting of rural Bangladesh and technological advancement in agricultural sector particularly in production and processing operations, the curricula of the faculty is designed to include multidisciplinary courses in Agricultural sciences (which include Agronomy, Horticulture, Soil Science, Agricultural Extension, Animal Science, Fisheries, Engineering, Biotechnology, etc.), Economics (Principle of Economics, Econometrics, Farm Management, Finance, Marketing, Project Planning and Management, Agribusiness, Cooperation, Research Methodology, etc.) and  other related disciplines like Government and Public Administration, Rural Sociology and Statistics.


The faculty intends to make continuous efforts to improve and update its academic and research programs. Any scholastic suggestions and valuable comments from any quarters for further improvement of the academic and research programs of this faculty will be highly appreciated.

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Our Departments

Dr. Romaza Khanum


+88 01816143751

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Dr. Mitu Chowdhury


+88 01716957319

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Dr. Md. Shah Jahan Mazumder


+88 01619314796

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Ms. Maimuna Begum


+88 01772595546

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Dr. Md. Shah Alamgir


+88 01323841955

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Degrees and Courses

Undergraduate Programmes

  • B.Sc. Ag Econ. (Hons)

Postgraduate Programmes

  • MS in Agricultural Economics (Production Economics) (Dept. of Agricultural Economics and Policy)
  • MS in Rural Sociology & Development (Dept. of Rural Sociology and Development)
  • MS in Agricultural Statistics (Dept. of Agricultural Statistics )
  • MS in Agricultural Economics (Agricultural Finance & Banking) (Dept. of Agricultural Finance and Banking)
  • MS in Agricultural Marketing and Business Management (Dept. of Agricultural Marketing and Business Management)

Ph.D Programmes

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Dept. of Agricultural Economics and Policy)
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