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Department of Agricultural Finance and Banking


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Faculty Agricultural Economics and Business Studies Agricultural Finance and Banking Faculty Members Dr. Md. Shah Alamgir

Dr. Md. Shah Alamgir


Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics (Honours) &
Master of Science in Agricultural Economics (Finance)(BAU);
Master of Agricultural Science, Ph. D. and Post-Doc (Japan)

Research interests: Climate Change Impact on Agriculture, Farm Income, Food Security, Poverty, Vulnerability, Adaptation and Policies


Dept. of Agricultural Finance and Banking


“The world is full of nice people. If you cannot find one, be one.” My great passion to see nice people everywhere.

I am an energetic, and ambitious individual to works with others to achieve any certain objective by maintaining time with excellence. I specialize in farm household data management and my interests also include statistics and programming. I have research interests that cover several aspects of climate change impact, agricultural production, farm income, food security, and poverty.
I spent years as a survey solution designer and SurveyCTO at the Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences (JIRCAS). I used my experience in questionnaire designing, data collection, monitoring, evaluation, data export, and management for rural household surveys by using the survey solution in Ethiopia and Mongolia for many years.
Traveling is my hobby, I want to visit every place in the world where human lives exist, In-Sha-Allah. May Allah accept me, Ameen.