Ms Tanjia Afrin Chowdhury
Ms Tanjia Afrin Chowdhury
Assistant Professor and Chairman
B. Sc. (Hons.) in Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology; MS (Thesis) In Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology

Publication Profile:
  • Chowdhury, T. A., Marufatuzzahan, Shanzana, P., Zahan, F. N., 2018. Knowledge, awareness and risks of zoonotic diseases among the smallholder livestock farmers in suburban areas of Sylhet, Bangladesh. Advances In Biology & Earth Sciences; 3 (1), 69-84.
  • Marufatuzzahan, Chowdhury, T. A., Shanzana, P., Akter, M. M.,Tasnim, R. R., Zahan, F. N., 2018. A questionnaire survey on common animal husbandry and hygiene practices among the small scale livestock farmers in suburban area of Sylhet, Bangladesh. Research in: Agricultural& Veterinary Sciences; 2(1), 38-48.
  • Shanzana, P., Chowdhury, T. A., Marufatuzzahan, 2017. Anti TNF-alpha therapy in rheumatoid arthritis: a new insight. International Journal of Science & Engineering Development Research, 2(12), 110-115
  • Ahmed, J., Chowdhury, T. A., Khatiwada, P., Purkaystha, A., Roy, T., Bhattacharjee, P., 2014. A Computational Study of Alginate Lyases and Homology Modeling of AlyPA: Implications for treatment of Cystic fibrosis.International Journal of Computational Bioinformatics and In Silico Modeling, 3(2), 354-361