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Department of Surgery and Theriogenology


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Faculty Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences Surgery and Theriogenology Faculty Members Dr. Mohammad Atikuzzaman

Dr. Mohammad Atikuzzaman


Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, MSc, PhD


Dept. of Surgery and Theriogenology


I am a registered veterinarian in Bangaladesh and have been graduated in Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from University of Chittagong. I joined as lecturer at Sylhet Government Veterinary College in 2003. In 2006, I joined in the department of Medicine and Surgery. After splitting the department I joined in the department of Surgery and Theriogenology and I am a professor of Theriogenology in the department. My current research interest is reproductive immunology with special reference to interaction between semen and female reproductive tract. During my Master’s study I was doing research on in vitro embryo development with special reference to animal cloning. Later on, during my PhD study I was focusing on to know how spermatozoa-being foreign to the female- survive in the oviduct for a successful fertilization. I have used several experimental techniques to answer my research questions- such as in vitro maturation of cumulus cell oocyte complex, in vitro embryo culture, somatic cell nuclear transfer for developmental biology and animal cloning; RT-PCR, real time RT-PCR and Microarray for genomic analysis; mass spectrometry, Luminex and ELISA for proteomic analysis. The main focus of my current research is- i) how gene expression is changed in the female reproductive tract in response to semen or seminal plasma in avian and mammalian species? ii) Searching for proteins and proteomes including cytokines and chemokines in the seminal plasma as well as in the oviduct.