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Welcome to the department of Agricultural Statistics (AST) at Sylhet Agricultural University (SAU). Statistics was incorporated into the teaching programs for students from the establishment of the Veterinary Faculty in 1995. This department offering courses for the undergraduate and postgraduate (MS, PhD) students in all faculties of SAU. Agricultural Statistics department offers a comprehensive program of postgraduate degrees in Agricultural Statistics and facilitates an enjoyable research environment. Department are devoted to provide students with excellent training and a broad education in Agricultural Statistics. The principal tasks involved in agricultural statistics are the collection, processing, and analyses of statistical data that characterize the current status and development of agriculture and the fulfillment of production plans. Such data are used to develop annual and long-term plans for agricultural production. The activities of this department is helpful in experimental work both for the analysis of the data and for the design of the experiment in such a way that valid and efficient results are produced in agricultural research. Students and teachers are conducting research in diverse areas such as Biostatistics, Demography, Design of Experiments, Econometrics, Machine Learning, Multivariate Analysis, Statistical Modelling etc. for the advanced development of agricultural disciplines. This department wants to establish a highly sophisticated modern computer laboratory where computer based training program will be frequently arranged along with perform MS and PhD research data analysis through advanced statistical methods. We have 5 faculty members, one sharing stuff and postgraduate (MS) students. Graduates of our department have excellent career prospects and find employment in different universities, government and non-government organizations and agricultural research organizations. We heartily welcome your interest in the AST department as supporters and potential collaborators in research institutions, industries and elsewhere. Thank you for visiting our site.

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  • MS in Agricultural Statistics