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Former Vice-Chancellor List



Professor Dr. Md. Iqbal Hossain

Duration: 03.01.2007- 08.03.2009

Professor Dr. Md. Abdul Awal

Duration: 09.03.2009- 08.09.2010

Professor Dr. Md. Shahid Ullah Talukder

Duration: 09.09.2010-27.09.2014

Professor Dr. M. Golam Shahi Alam

Duration: 28.09.2014-27.09.2018

Professor Dr. Md. Matiar Rahman Howlader

Duration: 28.09.2018- 27.09.2022

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Dean Council

Office of the Students Counseling and Guidance

Office of the Public Relation and Publications

Provost Council

Executive Committee of the Faculty of Postgraduate Studies

Proctor Office

Office of the Controller of Examinations

Office of the Engineer

Central Store

Security Section

SAU Acts

Health Care Centre

Central Mosque

Professor Mosleh Uddin Ahmed Chowdhury Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Cell

Sexual Harassment Prevention and Protection Cell

International Student